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'They wanted to jail us all' – Black Panthers photographer Neil Kenlock looks back | Art and design | The Guardian
From beauty pageants to burned-down pubs, Neil Kenlock spent decades capturing the struggles – and victories – of black Britain. Here he relives ‘some of the best years of my life’
NeilKenlock  BlackPeople  BlackCulture  BlackMen  BlackWomen  History  BlackHistory  Photography  TheGuardian  BlackPanthers  Art  Beauty 
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How TripAdvisor changed travel | News | The Guardian
The world’s biggest travel site has turned the industry upside down – but now it is struggling to deal with the same kinds of problems that are vexing other tech giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter.
tripadvisor  travel  beware  article  theguardian 
4 weeks ago by aeng
‘Check your privilege’ used to annoy me. Now I get it | Gaby Hinsliff | Opinion | The Guardian
“No one likes to believe they’ve been given a leg up in life. But in truth, whether it’s by being white, or straight, or even just able to read, most of us have.”
privilege  2017  theguardian 
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