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Never before have I seen blind anger like this on the streets of Paris | John Lichfield | Opinion | The Guardian Dec 2018
"Even if a programme of negotiations emerges, it is unlikely to be accepted by the blindly angry people I saw on the streets of Paris last Saturday. Will Paris burn again? Quite probably."
TheGuardian  politics  Europe  France 
13 days ago by pierredv
'Magma shift' may have caused mysterious seismic wave event | Science | The Guardian
Much of the seismic sleuthing played out on social media with professional and amateur scientists working together. “Overall, [it has been] a fascinating demonstration of open science on Twitter and engagement between scientists and citizen seismologists,” said Hicks.
Twitter  crowdsourcing  geology  seismology  2018  TheGuardian 
17 days ago by suitable
Harry Leslie Smith obituary | Books | The Guardian
Writer, campaigner and passionate critic of austerity who found fame late in life with his bestselling book Harry’s Last Stand
HarryLeslieSmith  Obituaries  TheGuardian  Books  History  Heroes  FamousPeople  HistoricPeople  OwenJones  WWII  WorldWarII 
19 days ago by dk33per
'It was grungy, gritty, rough': the 11-year-old who fronted an 80s post-punk band | Music | The Guardian
nlike many who claim they saw the New York Dolls play Max’s Kansas City in 70s New York, Chandra Oppenheim was actually there – although she was sleeping snugly under a table as her parents watched. She saw Steve Reich live and would attend hog-roast gatherings under the Brooklyn Bridge hosted by the artist Gordon Matta-Clark set to a live soundtrack by Philip Glass (known to the family as Phil). Aged eight, she was delivering performance pieces at the Kitchen, a downtown arts space; by 12, she was the leader of the post-punk band Chandra.
RealLifeStories  Music  Interviews  TheGuardian  NewYork  WeirdNews 
26 days ago by dk33per
Damon Albarn on Brexit: 'We live on this stroppy little island' | Music | The Guardian
The Good, the Bad & the Queen have been trying to figure out what’s become of England since the EU referendum. And the answers aren’t comforting
GBQ  DamonAlbarn  PaulSimonon  TonyAllen  SimonTong  Music  Interviews  TheGuardian  EUReferendum  Brexit  Culture  UK  GreatBritain 
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