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WebAssembly's post-MVP future: A cartoon skill tree - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
People have a misconception—they think that the WebAssembly that landed in browsers back in 2017—is the final version. In fact, we still have many use cases to unlock, from heavy-weight ...
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Wow! These are oil subsidies? Makes sense why there are so many negative articles.
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Wow! These are oil subsidies? Makes sense why there are so many negative articles.
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How to protect the future web from its founders' own frailty / Boing Boing
Earlier this month, I gave the afternoon keynote at the Internet Archive's Decentralized Web Summit, and my talk was about how the people who founded the web with the idea of having an open, decentralized system ended up building a system that is increasingly monopolized by a few companies -- and how we can prevent the same things from happening next time.
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Google and HTTP
Google and HTTP
What is this?#
I've been writing about Google's efforts to deprecate HTTP, the protocol of the web. This is a summary of why I am opposed to it. DW
Their pitch#
Advocates of deprecating HTTP make three main points:
Something bad could happen to my pages in transit from a server to the user's web browser.
It's not hard to convert to HTTPS and it doesn't cost a lot.
Google is going to warn people about my site being "not secure." So if I don't want people to be scared away, I should just do what they want me to do.
Why this is bad#
The web is an open platform, not a corporate platform.
It is defined by its stability. 25-plus years and it's still going strong.
Google is a guest on the web, as we all are. Guests don't make the rules.
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4 weeks ago by edsonm
Systems Thinking |
Systems thinking is an essential part of schooling for sustainability. A systems approach helps young people understand the complexity of the world around them and encourages them to think in terms of relationships, connectedness, and context.


Thinking systemically requires several shifts in perception, which lead in turn to different ways to teach, and to different ways to organize institutions and society. As articulated by Center cofounder Fritjof Capra, these shifts are not either/or alternatives, but rather movements along a continuum:
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(86) DEF CON 18 - Moxie Marlinspike - Changing Threats To Privacy: From TIA to Google - YouTube
DEF CON 18 - Moxie Marlinspike - Changing Threats To Privacy: From TIA to Google

Phil Zimmerman published PGP as a book, in machine readable fonts, because if he published the source code electronically it would be a cybercrime, but if he published it as a book it was free speech.
“PGP: Source Code and Internals”
MIT Press 1995

Privacy is at an all time low while surveillance is at an all time high.
What happened?

Cypherpunks were preparing for the future.

The difference between racism and social democracy
how many people in this room would be willing to carry a government issued surveillance device that tracked them 24 hours a day? None? that’s racism.
How many people carry a mobile phone? That’s social democracy.
What is a mobile phone but a real time tracking device that’s controlled by one of a number of carriers who are required to hand their tracking data over to the government?
You could turn it off. But you don’t.
And you pay for it.

So what’s the difference? Choice.

the New Network problem. (12:19)
One of the side effects is that the new network destroys the old network.
(The “old network” becomes the “new network”, with no users in it, and hence little value)

The Push To Expand Choice Scope
choice 1. Mobile phone
“2. Long Distance Locals” - - OOOO! Great phrase!
3. Texts from friends
5. Society

“once you see this process of small choices becoming large choices you begin to see them everywhere”
“expand the scope of the choice you have to make”
Google analytics example. (Google included useful java script…)

“If you look at what [john poindexter’s NSA] Total Information Awareness program was trying to do, Google has done all of it.”
Web traffic
Credit card history
Medical records
technology to mine the data
Google has “exceeded the scope of what TIA was trying to accmplilish”

“Who knows more about the citizens in their own country, Kim Jong-Il, or Google?”
“I think it’s pretty clear, it’s google”

“Clearly their intent is different…but make no mistake about it, they are in the surveillance business…so the effect is the same”

“I think it comes down to this idea of choice, you choose to use Google, you don’t choose to be surveilled by John POindexter or Kim Jong-IL, but once again I think the scope of this choice is expanding, and I think it’s going to get harder and harder to make that choice until it’s a matter of choosing to participate in society or not.”

Trends Have Changed
- Technology alters society
- Information accumulates in distinct places as a result
- Eavesdroppers move to those points of accumulation

Thoughts For The Future
“Deal with the choices that aren’t choices.”
and acknowledge that “choices are becoming demands”
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5 weeks ago by edsonm
Moxie Marlinspike >> Blog >> We Should All Have Something To Hide
Blog >> We Should All Have Something To Hide
1. The law is so complex that it’s impossible to know whether or not something you’ve done is illegal.
2. “We should have something to hide”

“What’s often overlooked, however, is that these legal victories [same sex marriage, legalization of pot] would probably not have been possible without the ability to break the law.”

3. The technology of law enforcement is different now
“Even ignoring this obvious potential for new abuse, it’s also substantially closer to that dystopian reality of a world where law enforcement is 100% effective, eliminating the possibility to experience alternative ideas that might better suit us.”

4. More than voting is necessary

“Even if you believe that voting is more than a selection of meaningless choices designed to mask the true lack of agency we have, there is a tremendous amount of money and power and influence on the other side of this equation. So don’t just vote or petition. “To the extent that we’re “from the internet,” we have a certain amount of power of our own that we can leverage within this domain.”

“If you’re concerned, please consider finding some way to directly..."
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