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81 Words - This American Life
The story of how the American Psychiatric Association decided in 1973 that homosexuality was no longer a mental illness.
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NextBillion on Twitter: "From saris to steel: Decades ago, a bartering-based Indian supply chain knew how to meet customers where they were. Could modern inclusion efforts learn something from the old days? #womensempowerment #emer
"From saris to steel: Decades ago, a bartering-based Indian supply chain knew how to meet customers where they were. Could modern inclusion efforts learn something from the old days? #womensempowerment #emergingeconomies #financialaccess @Yadav_supplychn…"
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The end of the beginning — Benedict Evans
If you do one thing this week... 'Tech is building different kinds of businesses, and so will take different shares of that opportunity, but more importantly change what those industries look like. Tesla isn’t interesting because of what it does to gasoline, but because of what it does to the car. Netflix changes TV, but so does Twitch.'

Analyst Beneict Evans' latest presentation at this week's a16z Tech conference is a typically insightful look at the future realities of broad set of categories from cars to healthcare to commerce, focusing on how technology is really likely to change industries as it begins to tackle bigger problems, in harder markets, at deeper and more structural levels: 'The access story is finished but the use story is just beginning'.

Really worth the time.
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20 days ago by JohnDrake
Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds | The New Yorker
The Stanford studies became famous. Coming from a group of academics in the nineteen-seventies, the contention that people can’t think straight was shocking. It isn’t any longer. Thousands of subsequent experiments have confirmed (and elaborated on) this finding. As everyone who’s followed the research—or even occasionally picked up a copy of Psychology Today—knows, any graduate student with a clipboard can demonstrate that reasonable-seeming people are often totally irrational. Rarely has this insight seemed more relevant than it does right now. Still, an essential puzzle remains: How did we come to be this way?
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5 weeks ago by edsonm
AI-Generated Artwork 'Edmond de Belamy' Sells for $432,500 at Christie's Auction
This nuance was clearly lost in some of the reporting around the piece leading up to the auction—numerous headlines described the piece as being “created” by AI, as opposed to generated, or made with.

Read More: This Algorithm Makes Its Own Video Games

When I spoke to Hugo Caselles-Dupré, a machine learning PhD student and one-third of Obvious, over the phone, he chalked this characterization up to “sensationalism” and “clickbait” in the media. The intent of the piece, he insisted, is to actually educate the public on the limits of AI. Algorithms are a tool, Caselles-Dupré told me, not creative beings themselves.

“Today, it’s not about algorithms that are replacing people,” Caselles-Dupré said. “In the future, we might have to be careful about this, but today, they’re more like a tool. We really wanted to showcase a concrete example of what these AI tools can do.” Signing the piece with the algorithm’s mathematical formula was a “funny way,” he said, to communicate these ideas to a general audience.
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7 weeks ago by edsonm
WebAssembly's post-MVP future: A cartoon skill tree - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog
People have a misconception—they think that the WebAssembly that landed in browsers back in 2017—is the final version. In fact, we still have many use cases to unlock, from heavy-weight ...
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7 weeks ago by y3g0

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