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Honour Thy Blood
Beginning in the graveyard, Harry fails to reach the cup to escape but is saved by an unexpected person thought long dead. Harry learns what it is to be a Potter and starts his journey to finish Voldemort once and for all. NO SLASH. Rated M for language, gore etch. A story of realism and Harry coming into his own.;;; SPOILERS: Just, wow everything a story should be. Harry is saved by Arcturus Black, friend to his grandfather Charlus. He gives Harry refuge, tools to train himself, and knowledge of his heritage. Harry eventually partners with Sirius to form a new Potter/Black alliance. Together, they wage justice on Tom. No real bashing - Severus is hateful, Draco is stupid, and Ron is lazy. Very well written with an excellent bittersweet conclusion.
fandom:HP  harry/daphne  multi_chapter  war_era  Rated:R  >100K    powerful!harry  TheBlack'sResurgence 
march 2017 by trd9091

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>100k  fandom:hp  harry/daphne  multi_chapter  powerful!harry  rated:r  war_era   

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