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RT : A busy evening for 1st year and studies students on the module. Tonight's…
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7 days ago by andfilmer
Life imitates art as play about antisemitism faces wave of abuse
“The play has been written from a place of tangible fear. Things that were on the fringes of the far right and the far left started creeping in to the mainstream. In the last few years it seems like people feel they have permission to be antisemitic,” he said. “You see it in our politics, on our social media, with our kids getting beaten up on the streets. I wanted to chart that.”
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8 days ago by terry
1st year & Studies students working late tonight in preparation for their Studio Theatre Project pe…
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14 days ago by andfilmer
Resolved: Debate is stupid | The Outline
Debate is not politics. It’s theater.

Real learning is hard. It’s a slow, confusing process where you sometimes have to read long books with dreadful covers, and look at footnotes and shit. It requires us to recognize and then overcome our biases as best we can. It can take years to learn what we really think and why, and then if we get a lingering feeling we might be wrong, it can take years to un-learn and start all over.
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18 days ago by yolandaenoch
I've been examining ideas of home, displacement and migration with my 1st year project students. A…
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20 days ago by andfilmer

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