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Learning the Lingo
Acting is believing: to believe is to understand, and in addition to comprehending everything possible about the play, the actor must also understand the theatre, both as a profession and as a place to work. Like every profession, you must learn the theatre’s special vocabulary. Partly technical, partly slang, much of it is standardized on the English-speaking stage. As a working actor, you must be familiar with this language, just as a mechanic must know the names of his tools or a surgeon the names of her instruments.
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Jarvis Cocker to compose music for Manchester Royal Exchange's new season | Stage | The Guardian
Cocker to collaborate on new Simon Stephens play, while Lucy Ellinson to play Macbeth and Neil Bartlett to stage 24-hour work on Remembrance Sunday
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Vivek Shraya
Vivek Shraya is an artist whose body of work crosses the boundaries of music, literature, visual art, theatre, and film. Her best-selling new book, I’m Afraid of Men, was her­ald­ed by Vanity Fair as “cultural rocket fuel,” and her album with Queer Songbook Orchestra, Part‑Time Woman, was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize. She is one half of the music duo Too Attached and the founder of the publishing imprint VS. Books.

A five-time Lambda Literary Award finalist, Vivek was a 2016 Pride Toronto Grand Marshal, was featured on The Globe and Mail’s Best Dressed list, and has received honours from The Writers’ Trust of Canada and The Publishing Triangle. She is a director on the board of the Tegan and Sara Foundation and an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Calgary. is the digital archive for a living trans artist of colour, featuring her music, writing, visual art and film works from 2002 to present.
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RT : : Henry V "as the Chorus implores in the prologue, it is to be judged kindly.” ⭐️⭐️…
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