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FiraTàrrega - Teatre al carrer
FiraTàrrega és el mercat internacional de les arts escèniques que té lloc anualment a Tàrrega el segon cap de setmana de setembre.
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Smiles From Behind a Curtain: The World of Male Prostitution in Imperial Beijing | the Beijinger
It has become clear that several houses in Han Clan Pool and Wailang Camp have been using opera as a means of luring young boys from decent families, then dressing them up and training them to sing. Initially, this was only a form of cultural gathering, but over time it has become a den of all manner of foulness // it has become routine to read things like this as crude statements of a gay-bashing policing of sexuality, but perhaps we should remember that the stage (and artistic education!) has often been riddled with creeps
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