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Stories pour from 'A Crack in the Sky' at St. Paul's History Theatre | Star Tribune | February 12, 2018
Faye Price ‘77 is directing “A Crack in the Sky” at the History Theater. The play, written by Harrison David Rivers, was reviewed in the Star Tribune.
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BYU Brussels Opera and Ballet
Print and manuscript scores, libretti, examples of mise en scène, programs, scene designs and other archival documents dating from the 17th through the 20th centuries, from Music Special Collections in the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University and the Fonds of the Théâtre de la Monnaie conserved at the Archives de la Ville de Bruxelles. A strength of the collection is late 18th and 19th century materials from the French and Italian repertories, including a large collection of copyists’ manuscripts for the Neapolitan operas of Giovanni Paisiello. Other noteworthy highlights include scores and orchestral parts for 18th-century French opéra comique.

Maintained by: Internet Archive; Brigham Young University

Related resources: Opera and Ballet Primary Sources (BYU),
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Ballets Russes de Serge Diaghilev at the Library of Congress
An online collection of part of the Library of Congress' Ballets Russes materials, including photographs, scrapbooks, writings, music scores, costume and set designs, choreographic notes, diaries, and programs.

Maintained by: Music Division, Library of Congress
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American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920
A collection of English and Yiddish playscripts, theatre programs, sound and visual recordings, and photographs, that illustrates the diverse forms of popular entertainment, especially vaudeville, that thrived from 1870-1920.

Maintained by: Library of Congress
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Do the limbo! How the Windrush brought a dance revolution to Britain
Windrush: Movement of the People is based partly on Watson’s own parents’ journey from Jamaica to Leeds in the 1950s, emphasising the loyalty that motivated them to go through such an upheaval. It felt horribly poignant to Watson that, having set out for the UK with such high-minded hopes, her parents encountered so much cruelty.

The racism of 1950s Britain was brutal, Watson says. “My mother wept and wept once she started telling me about it: ‘When the call came out we answered it. But we arrived to all these notices saying: No dogs, no blacks, no Irish. That really hurt.’”
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RT : The Play That Goes Wrong “Hilarious Slapstick” ⭐⭐⭐⭐ …
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Him Too? How Arthur Miller Smeared Marilyn Monroe and Invented the Myth of the Male Witch Hunt.
The notion that a marginalized girl or woman might accuse an innocent person, and that an unjustified mob panic might take hold of her followers agrees thoroughly with our societal training to preemptively mistrust the accounts of girls and women, and particularly the accounts of women of color.
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Place aux théâtres inclusifs
Ça fait 15 ans que la compagnie montréalaise Joe Jack et John emploie des acteurs professionnels avec des handicaps. Mais pour la première fois, elle a choisi d'adapter ses productions aux besoins des spectateurs qui ont des sensibilités sensorielles, des troubles, des handicaps ou des déficiences. Une première au Québec. Bienvenue dans le monde des «représentations décontractées»!
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