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nardasarmy: A Note to Follow So (Bob/Brian, NC17, +21k)
Bob Bryar goes from being the sound guy for The Used to the drummer in My Chemical Romance, finding time to kiss Brian Schechter along the way.
personal.fave  romance  soundtech!Bob  rec:MCR  words>20k  p:bandom:bob/brian  theme:personalcanon  mychem  the.used  nc17  bandom  via:stepps 
may 2014 by eleret
Sticky Fingers
From the creator:
"I mean, he's a bitchy, nasty fucking – fucking emo kid. And, and he smells. Like, not as bad as you. But still, pretty bad." Douchebag!fic, or alternatively an Everyone Is an Asshole College AU. In which Frank and Bert fight over Gerard while refusing to admit to doing any such thing, and Gerard is definitely up to something.
baaandom  mcr  the.used  frank/gerard  gerard/bert  frank/gerard/bert  creator:dear_monday  length:5-8k  location:ao3  firsttime  friends.with.benefits  au  au:college 
may 2013 by concinnity
Combat Boots & Dirty Hair (Don't Add Up To "Cool")
From the creator:
Bert scratches idly at an unidentifiable stain on her t-shirt. It flakes off under her nails, and she lifts her hand to her mouth like she's seriously considering licking it. Quinn wonders vaguely if she should intervene, then decides against it. Bert's going to have to learn somehow. In which Quinn is ready to murder the next person who so much as thinks the word "married" in conjunction with her and Bert, and Warped '04 is almost definitely the human race's low point in terms of standards of personal hygiene. Written for the moldypitsandall dirty bandom challenge @ livejournal.
baaandom  the.used  mcr  bert/quinn  frank/gerard  creator:dear_monday  length:5-8k  location:ao3  firsttime  genderswap  com:moldypitsandall 
may 2013 by concinnity
Enough Ain't the Test by foxinmyhands
Jepha makes Bert sit still by letting him put makeup on him.
bandom  dan/jepha  d/s  the.used 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Beats, Wings by swear_jar
Dan talks to his dogs and Jepha Howard makes him lose his goddamn rhythm. Or, the one where a fairy-dog gives Dan wings. BUT DON'T WORRY CUZ ONLY HIS TRU WUV CAN SEE THEM.
bandom  dan/jepha  genre:crack  the.used 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Like a Thorn in My Side (The Size of a Cadillac) by quarterturn
The one where Bob robs a post office with The Used and Frank is a mouthy hostage.
au  bandom  bob/frank  mcr  the.used 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Five Stages of Grief by savorvrymoment
"And 'shit happens' is something you say when your dishwasher stops working, or when you accidentally put a rip in your favorite shirt, or when you break your instrument on stage--not when someone who's been an integral part of your life simply walks out of it."
bandom  dan/jepha  the.used 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Mud Wrestling by stratospherique
"Frank and Jepha had decided that their water guns weren't causing enough havoc and had somehow obtained a kiddy pool and buckets full of dirt."
bdsm  bandom  bob/frank  mcr  dan/jepha  the.used  kink:voyeurism 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
The Bridge aka The Vegan Coffee Shop of Kink AU by foxinmyhands
Jepha is the owner of a vegan coffee shop; Dan is a hot construction worker.
kink  bandom  dan/jepha  the.used 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Held and Holding by sinsense
Dan joins the band and Jepha deals with an inappropriate crush d'aw.
kink  d/s  bdsm  bandom  dan/jepha  the.used 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
Fratboy by sinsense
Dan's slouched just where he was when Jepha last came out to check on him.
bdsm  bandom  dan/jepha  the.used 
september 2011 by nikkitikkitavi
swear_jar: Beats, Wings (usedfic exchange).
Dan talks to his dogs and Jepha Howard makes him lose his goddamn rhythm.
bandom  fic  rpf  the.used  crack  wings  first.time  m/m  pairing:dan/jepha  rating:NC-17  author:swear_jar  6-20k  lj 
september 2011 by shelbytiger07
MJ's Not the Only One With a Man In the Mirror
A Sliding Doors AU — In the autumn of 2005 in New York City, Gerard lives a mediocre life with Bert; they share a small apartment, but Gerard (sober for just over a year) pays for most of the expenses while Bert spends any spare money The Used make on alcohol and drugs. After a terrible morning, Gerard, dejected and depressed, finds himself standing in front of a bar. Tempted, he hesitates. Should he go in, give in, revert to the jobless loser he once was? Or should he move on, catch a train home? The choice he makes will impact his life in ways he can’t even imagine.

This is the story of two parallel universes, reflected in each other, but taking different lines. And ultimately proving that Gerard is the person he always is, with the same soul, no matter what life he’s living.
Bandom.Big.Bang  MCR  The.Used  Type:Fusion  Bert_Gerard  Frank_Gerard 
june 2011 by Crowgirl13
Psychically Yours
Quinn really doesn't want to work for the Psychic Agents Division, but that's before he meets his fellow employees.

Reccer's Notes: Another bandom psychic agents AU! This one is a little darker (see recruiting at gunpoint), but also crazier than the last one I recced. The Used are a band that has a reputation for being somewhat nuts, dirty(-minded), and foul(mouthed). I think all that comes across quite entertainingly and even charmingly in this little (definitely NC-17) story. Oh, and this story also features other kinds of psychic and supernatural abilities like telekinesis, shape-shifting, invisibility, anti-telepathy (blocking), etc.
Bandom  The.Used  Bert/Quinn  Trope:Cops.and.robbers  Trope:Telepathy  Read.Me!  Bert_Quinn 
february 2011 by Crowgirl13

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