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How Idris Elba Became the Coolest Man in Hollywood
"Elba tells me that it all boils down to his upbringing. His depiction of Bell was somewhat based on a guy he knew growing up, a local weed man who went by 'The Gent', whose attitude was amicable, professional, discreet. 'The weed man,' says Elba, 'in terms of being portrayed, was always like'—he lowers his voice to a grumble—'big and larger-than-life cat daddy.' But Elba is English: understated, stiff upper lip. He preferred to play it differently, beyond the terms of good and bad. He was there to provide a service. 'I’m out here selling bricks,' he says. 'Not *bricks*. I’m out here selling fine furniture, not *fine furniture*. You know?'"
a:K-Austin-Collins  p:Vanity-Fair★★  d:2019.06  w:5500  profile  acting  The-Wire  race  from twitter
november 2019 by bankbryan
The Real Reason Fans Hate the Last Season of Game of Thrones
"The show did indeed take a turn for the worse, but the reasons for that downturn go way deeper than the usual suspects that have been identified (new and inferior writers, shortened season, too many plot holes). It’s not that these are incorrect, but they’re just superficial shifts. In fact, the souring of Game of Thrones exposes a fundamental shortcoming of our storytelling culture in general: we don’t really know how to tell *sociological* stories."
a:Zeynep-Tufekci  p:Scientific-American/Observations  d:2019.05.17  w:3000  stories  Game-of-Thrones  The-Wire  society  history  power  from twitter
may 2019 by bankbryan
How Every Character Was Cast on The Wire
"It never got any easier for me. I do remember meeting Idris [Elba] for the first time, and I didn't realize he was English initially, because he was talking the whole time in American and he was living in New York at the time. I was chatting to him, and eventually he said, 'Look, you've got to stop talking in that English accent because you're fucking me up.'"
a:Jonathan-Abrams  a:David-Simon★★  a:Wendell-Pierce  a:Dominic-West  a:Chris-Albrecht  a:Idris-Elba  a:Alexa-L-Fogel  a:Robert-Wisdom  a:Michael-K-Williams  a:Andre-Royo  a:Michael-Potts  a:Michael-B-Jordan  a:Sonja-Sohn  a:Lawrence-Gilliard  p:GQ★★  d:2018.02.13  w:2000  oral-history  The-Wire  acting  from instapaper
february 2018 by bankbryan
The Accent Whisperers of Hollywood
"With the rise of prestige TV in the United States, the demand for skilled performers from around the world — particularly well-trained British performers — has increased, as has the desire to quickly communicate quality with authentic-sounding accents. Actors have worked hard to deliver. For his role in the HBO series 'The Wire', Idris Elba (raised in London by a Sierra Leonean father and Ghanaian mother) spent long days with cops to improve his Baltimore sound, which is generally regarded as one of the most subtly accurate and astonishing dialect portrayals of all time."
a:Ryan-Bradley  p:The-New-York-Times/Magazine★★  d:2017.07.20  w:3000  language  acting  The-Wire  from instapaper
november 2017 by bankbryan
Joe Moshenka - The Faerie Queene and the Wire
Teskey himself has offered the best explication of this manic mood in his essay on allegory for the Spenser Encyclopedia, where he describes the “hermeneutic anxiety” inculcated by allegory’s way of flaunting not only its meanings but its sense of pervasive meaningfulness. This was certainly part of the situation in which I found myself: and, while the reader of any work frequently has to ask herself what to do with moments of what seem like unmistakable resonance with other works of a sort that has no historical grounding, I would wager that these moments are particularly common when reading The Faerie Queene. (Two years later, I was fortunate enough to participate in another remarkable Spenser seminar, which happened to coincide with the first time that I watched and was astounded by the HBO series The Wire: and, sure enough, I found myself captivated by what seemed to me the profound affinities between the two).

FN: I do not propose to argue at length for the worth of this particular parallel, though I do not think it is as frivolous as it might seem, given that The Wire’s co-creator, David Simon, has repeatedly suggested that the show takes its bearings from a canonical literary tradition. Specifically, he has suggested that it was written as a modern equivalent of a Greek Tragedy, in which individuals act with a false sense of their own autonomy while in fact the meanings of their actions are determined by inscrutable and amoral higher forces (we have institutions that play this role, where once there were gods). Clues for this connection are scattered through the show, including a character who carries a copy of Prometheus Bound into a courtroom in order to achieve a spurious appearance of dignity and erudition. But it is worth noting that allegory is another form in which agents believe that they act for individual motives while in fact they are actualising the dictates of abstract forces that work through them: and The Wire, like The Faerie Queene, experiments dazzlingly with the fictional personae that it contains, tempting us at different moments to see them as fully realized individuals, or mere instances of social or conceptual types. Even if this is purely an instance of a connection created by my idiosyncratic hermeneutic anxiety, each of these works has helped me better to experience the other, and I generally wonder if we should allow more room for this sort of groundless but revelatory parallel when we write, as we often do when we teach.
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january 2017 by xianoforange
David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish | The Marshall Project
David Simon ("The Wire", "Homicide") blames the drug war for the breakdown of trust between the police and the community following the abandonment of constitutional protections. Points out that the police force is largely black. Petyr Baelish really did cook the crime stats, too.
baltimore  the-wire  david-simon  drugs  police  politics 
may 2015 by pw201
David Simon Does Not Care What You Think Is Cool About His TV Shows
“Nobody watched The Wire when it was on,” says David Simon, leaning forward with a conspiratorial whisper, sitting at a neat desk in the ersatz office of Harry Oxman, the long-ago…
The-Wire  HBO  David-Simon  television 
january 2015 by magneticmediafed
I was a sound editor on "The Wire" - every episode. Any sound-related questions?
"McNulty (Dom West) came in often and was awesome, as well. His accent showed most often when the character was drunk or angry. Oddly, the name 'Stringer Bell' tripped him up a lot. 'Stringa' and then a very over-enunciated end to 'Bell-eh.' Also, the words 'fuck' and 'cunt' came out 'feck' and 'cahnt' and the only way to break him of it was to stand right in front of him (so he could watch the mouth shape) and say the word over and over again."
a:Jen-Ralston  p:reddit★  d:2014  The-Wire  sound  language 
january 2015 by bankbryan

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