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A selection of the crosses on the foreshore between & bridges. I’ve no idea what the…
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25 days ago by shawnday
Tideway | Reconnecting London with the River Thames
Have you heard? Play full video London relies on a 150-year-old sewer system built for a population less than half its current size. As a result, millions of…
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april 2019 by asaltydog
Tiny shard of glass found on the foreshore. In another life it had something scratched onto it but only fra…
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november 2018 by briantrice
I seem to have a drive-thru lock today 🤣🚗🛥️
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september 2018 by kukkurovaca
River Thames and boaty things
Under average or normal conditions, the rate above London Bridge may be between 1 and 3 knots (nautical miles per hour),
thames  speed 
august 2018 by photoangell

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