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Complain about cheeseburger no mayo having mayo in it. Turns out it's a Dairylea triangle.
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october 2016 by andygambles
My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers

Number of plates of mozzarella sticks that potentially could have been ordered: ∞
Number of plates of mozzarella sticks actually ordered: 7
Number of mozzarella sticks that potentially could have been eaten: ∞
Number of of mozzarella sticks actually eaten: 32
U.S. dollars paid to Caity Weaver from Taylor Berman for every stick over 30 eaten, at a rate of $3/stick: 6
Days off earned unless tricked: 5
Additional rewards earned: Ketchup
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july 2014 by jtyost2
A Cocktail Party In The Street: An Interview With Alan Stillman
Sounds like most people coming into ux design these days:
All I really did was throw sawdust on the floor and hang up fake Tiffany lamps. I painted the building blue and I put the waiters in red and white striped soccer shirts. If you think that I knew what I was doing, you are dead wrong. I had no training in the restaurant business, or interior design, or architecture — I just have a feel for how to use all those things to create an experience.
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may 2011 by fstorr

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