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£18bn Crossrail line delayed again to autumn 2021 | UK news | The Guardian
Europe’s largest infrastructure project hit by further setback as costs continue to soar
rail  tfl 
21 days ago by tonys
Oyster card - Transport for London
We publish statistics relating to pay as you go journeys made using Oyster cards. The information is presented by four-weekly accounting periods starting in April 2014 and includes:
data  transport  oyster  tfl  tube 
7 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Schrodinger's Cab Firm: Uber's Existential Crisis - London Reconnections
A number of the cost issues come from needing the huge number of drivers to ensure quick pick-up most of the time, the other side of the quick pick-up coin is low driver utilisation a lot of the time which is not good for driver income
transport  uber  tfl 
8 weeks ago by yorksranter
Rival ride-hailing firms can steer TfL's standards – why not Uber? | Business | The Guardian
Belief in no consequences after failure to follow rules explains Uber’s loss of London licence
9 weeks ago by tonys
London's abandoned underground – in pictures | UK news | The Guardian
London has been shaped by its railways, ever since the Metropolitan opened as the world’s first underground line in 1863. As the network grew, old stations, tunnels, entrances, passageways and shafts were left behind
tfl  london 
september 2019 by tonys
London Underground Average Monthly Temperatures - London Datastore
Platform temperatures on the deep Tube are routinely monitored using data loggers. Average monthly evening peak temperatures since 2013 are provided on this page.
tube  underground  transport  data  tfl  heat  weather 
july 2019 by paulbradshaw
We need to talk about the London Underground's big noise problem | WIRED UK
New fixings and uneven rails produce screeching and misery for Tube commuters. What is TfL doing?
noise  tfl  underground  northern  tube  commute 
july 2019 by iaeon

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