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The Return of The Charming Kitten |Certfa Dec 2018
"Phishing attacks are the most common form of infiltration used by Iranian state-backed hackers to gain access into accounts. Certfa reviews the latest campaign of phishing attacks that has been carried out and dubbed as “The Return of The Charming Kitten”.

In this campaign, hackers have targeted individuals who are involved in economic and military sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as politicians, civil and human rights activists and journalists around the world.

Our review in Certfa demonstrates that the hackers - knowing that their victims use two-step verification - target verification codes and also their email accounts such as Yahoo! and Gmail. As a result, Certfa believes the safest existing way to confront these attacks is using Security Keys such as YubiKey."

"Internet users around the world consider Google’s main domain ( to be a safe and secure address. The attackers misuse this fact and create fake pages on (which is a subdomain of Google) to deceive their targets."
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december 2018 by pierredv
(We don't have to be) stars exploding in the night
The war is over--sort of--and Finn and Poe are still alive and still together. That means different things to different people.
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december 2018 by krytella
Omarosa says on MSNBC that staffers would text each other — meaning 25th Amendment — whenever President Trump…
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september 2018 by kohlmannj

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