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ArmorPaint | 3D PBR Texture Painting
ArmorPaint is a software designed for physically-based texture painting.
3d  tools  texture 
19 days ago by chbug
d3d9 textures appear to use bgra when created with argb format [SOLVED] - Graphics and GPU Programming - GameDev.net
Hello, recently I have written code that uses libjpeg to load a jpeg file and create a d3d9 texture from its contents. When forming the image data, specifically the data that is all memcpied to the D3DLOCKED_RECT::pBits given by: IDirect3DTexture9::LockRect(0, &rect, NULL, 0)) I found experimenta...
bgra  texture  programming  graphics  gamedev 
21 days ago by sbseltzer
Magazine for architects and designers | Material Source
Material Source is a new magazine for architects and designers, exploring a wealth of materials, products and interiors to inspire your next projects. Founded by a team of creative experts, passionate about interior design.
interior  design  materials  texture  building  house  construction 
24 days ago by markhgn
I made a stochastic texture sampling shader function : Unity3D
r/Unity3D: News, Help, Resources, and Conversation. A User Showcase of the Unity Game Engine.
stochastic  texture  sampling  shader  sampler  example  code  unity  tiling  tilable  source  hlsl  glsl 
5 weeks ago by Nutter
Grunge and other texture maps and other 3D assets
resource  3d  texture 
6 weeks ago by orcus_magnus

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