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Needlepoint commissions :)
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10 days ago by Felicity
Noren (暖簾) are traditional Japanese fabric dividers hung between rooms, on walls, in doorways, or in windows. They usually have one or more vertical slits cut from the bottom to nearly the top of the fabric, allowing for easier passage or viewing. Noren are rectangular and come in many different materials, sizes, colors, and patterns.
japan  textile  wikipedia 
4 weeks ago by kiranmaxweber
RT : The team is doing cool stuff on IPFS! Very talented team with great potential.

DApp  IPFS  Textile  from twitter_favs
9 weeks ago by rukku
Kapdaa - The Offcut Company
"The word ‘Kapdaa’ means ‘Cloth’ in Hindi. (Phonetically pronounced as Cup-pa-daah)
Over time I noticed a lot of excess fabric being left over and going unused. Seeing this I thought to myself, “It would be such a shame, if these beautiful fabrics with such lovely designs went to waste”.
Bespoke notebooks covered by designer fabric offcuts.
Have been able to get a whole new world of mills, textiles and interior designers, and even pram and shoe makers to be intrigued by our concept. They have successfully reached out to an array of brands, to sit up and have a dialogue about their sustainable actions by creating a range of fashionable stationery, simply out of their exquisite offcuts."

Fashionmeetsorganic  Textile  UK  London  upcycling  Made-to-Order  Fabrics  interior  Shoes  accessories  Sustainability  Green-New-Wave  Platform  community 
10 weeks ago by eocas
UO Interviews: Ellen Van Dusen - Urban Outfitters - Blog
"If I could go back in time and give myself advice, I would say: Don't sweat the small stuff. Instead of focusing on a problem, figure out the steps you need to solve it and get working on it as soon as you can."
dusendusen  designs  textile  people  women  awesome 
july 2018 by emily
Online traceability platform. By 201807 are 73 platforms installed of which 31 in Cheese, 20 in Textile and the rest in other industries. Does white label installations.

Agrachina  Transparency  Switzerland  Quality_Control  Platform  Dairy_Farming  Textile  Service_Provider 
july 2018 by eocas
Helps farmers and boutique indigo makers to meet fashion industry's demand of natural pigment on a global scale by advocating for collaborative production. Their bio-based indigo dyestuff can answer current pollution concern across fashion industry and fulfil upcoming conscious consumer demand.

Shanghai-based by French ecopreneur Paul Iglesia.

fashionmeetsorganic  textile  organic  dyeing  artisanal  sustainablecompany  France  China  Shanghai  Manufacturing  Collaboration 
july 2018 by eocas

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