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ActiveWords adds words to Windows, providing a personal, portable,
context free user interface with immediate response. Assign words to launch programs, jump to web sites,
send email, substitute text, and more. Enter or select ActiveWords in any context and your computer
immediately delivers the results you want.
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10 weeks ago by axehandle
Using TextExpander Date and Time Math - Smile
Let's say it's your job to remind people to do something. Maybe you are the accounts receivable person, and you regularly need to remind people to pay you in 15 days. If you use TextExpander, your days of looking at the calendar and calculating that date are over! You can create a snippet that automatically ...
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may 2019 by ebouchut
Save Time with Expert-Level TextExpander Snippets
(These looks like they could be handy TextExpander snippets to have around.)
“As you can see, it calculates the next upcoming day of the week. For example, when I look on a Wednesday for the next Thursday, I get tomorrow’s date.

“Sometimes, however, what I want is the date of next week’s Thursday. For that I use a slightly adapted version of the script and make new corresponding abbreviations like ‘nwmon’ for next week’s Monday. You can see in the table below examples from when I called the script on July 1, 2015 (Wednesday).”
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april 2019 by handcoding
Save Time with Expert-Level TextExpander Snippets
Favorite tweet:

They may not be new, but these tips on using scripts in TextExpander from @asianefficiency are great. #productivity #automation https://t.co/0lJ2Xq67sC pic.twitter.com/1cDlc8247w

— TextExpander (@TextExpander) April 15, 2019
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april 2019 by kjaymiller

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