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Freeware Text Editor
ConTEXT is a Small, Fast and Powerful Freeware Text Editor for Windows. Supports Code Highlighting, File Compare, Macros, Templates etc..
16 days ago by dmedme
Boxer Text Editor, HTML Editor and Programmer's Text Editor for Windows
Boxer Software produces a line of award-winning text editor products. The Boxer Text Editor has a rich feature set that brings increased productivity to programmers, writers and others who edit text. A fully functional copy of our text editor is available for download.
16 days ago by dmedme
5 great visual tweaks for Sublime Text | Wes Bos
Here are five visual changes you can use to make your text editor just right. You should place these items inside your User settings file which can be located at preferences → Settings - User
sublime  texteditor  settings 
23 days ago by markogara
Lessons learned from creating a rich-text editor with real-time collaboration
Issues involved in building a collaborative editor.
Good read on the issues.
collaboration  texteditor  cscw 
6 weeks ago by drmeme
An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi
An Introduction to Display Editing with Vi

William Joy

Mark Horton

Computer Science Division
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, Ca. 94720
vi  editor  texteditor  plaintext  reference  terminal  cli 
6 weeks ago by dusko

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