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TED talks as Data
The files in this folder are the data files released as part of the paper, "TED talks as Data," submitted to the Journal of Cultural Analyics. The first of which is the exported CSV (from a Google sheet) of a list of TED talks maintained by anonymous authors
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4 days ago by jerid.francom
The Satellite Clock | GEOG 862: GPS and GNSS for Geospatial Professionals
The clocks are kept within a microsecond —that's a millionth of a second— of UTC, excluding leap seconds, of course - but still, the satellite clocks are allowed to drift up to a millisecond —or thousandth of a second— from GPS time.
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11 days ago by jhaubrich
New “Lexical-Functional Grammar” from Cambridge explains the topic for students with no previous exposure…
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Education publisher Pearson to phase out print textbooks • BBC News
<p>The world's largest education publisher has taken the first step towards phasing out print books by making all its learning resources "digital first".

Pearson said students would only be able to rent physical textbooks from now on, and they would be updated much less frequently.

The British firm hopes the move will make more students buy its e-textbooks which are updated continually.

"We are now over the digital tipping point," boss John Fallon told the BBC.

"Over half our annual revenues come from digital sales, so we've decided a little bit like in other industries like newspapers or music or in broadcast that it is time to flick the switch in how we primarily make and create our products."

The firm currently makes 20% of its revenues from US courseware, but has been struggling as students increasingly opt to rent second-hand print textbooks to save money.

To counter this Mr Fallon said Pearson would stop revising print books every three years, a model that has dominated the industry for 40 years.</p>

Despite Pearson's protests, it's obvious that it's looking to move to a subscription model, and that it will jack up prices. Perhaps they could use themselves in an economics textbook as an example of "<a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rent-seeking">rent-seeking</a>".

Corollary: prices of secondhand textbooks are going to rocket in the next year or two. If you've got university-age kids, get their textbooks purchased soon.
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4 weeks ago by charlesarthur

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