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Perch CMS Expansions for Typinator on Vimeo
Typinator is a text expansion tool for Mac. Here's a a screencast demo of a Typinator Perch CMS Expansion set.
perch  cms  code  shortcuts  text  tools  typinator  mac  productivity 
4 days ago by abberdab
Anti-Computer | Alexander R. Galloway
tools and machines / capitalism / discretization / differentiation / bitcoin / encryption
digital  text 
5 days ago by ucnv
Voyages in sentence space
Using neural networks to produce gradients from one phrase to another. Would be interesting to see if it could be used to map things like a temperature reading to a phrase between "freezing" and "cracking the flags"
machine_learning  neural_networks  text  analysis  interactive_fiction 
5 days ago by amcewen
Finding Home: A Year in the Life of Syrian Refugees | Time
Meet baby Heln.
She and her family are Syrian refugees
seeking asylum in Europe.
storyforms  video  text  time 
7 days ago by reginajmc
How to Add Basic 3D Camera Tracking to Drone Footage With Adobe After Effects
In this tutorial you are going to learn how to do basic camera tracking on drone video footage using Adobe After Effects. This is great for adding titles or location text in a more dynamic and appealing fashion. We can also add in graphics or footage with an alpha channel to make it appear as if it is actually in the scene.
drone  tracking  after_effects  3d  text  video  tutorial  videography 
7 days ago by robhawkes

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