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Lorem Ipsum Is a Crime
I’m not afraid to say it. In fact, I rant about it so often that one of the designers on my team suggested I write down my feelings and publish it as my own Lorem Ipsum. Then designers could use it…
yesterday by nerd_uprising
Textio: The augmented writing platform
Textio is the augmented writing platform for creating highly effective job listings. By analyzing the hiring outcomes of more than 10 million job posts a month, Textio predicts the performance of your listing and gives you real-time guidance on how to improve it.
analysis  text  documentmanagement  software  ml  USA 
yesterday by shalmaneser
Intellyze 3.1 is a software tool that allows text analysts to perform numerous analytical, counting and search operations on Arabic text made up of any of these letters:

Intellyze can handle files that are thousands of text pages in length. Frequency analysis and search operations are performed within a fraction of a second. Intellyze is Intellark-enabled, Intellaren's new Arabic keyboard layout. Features of Intellyze, screenshots, online videos showing Intellyze in action and methods of downloading and purchasing Intellyze are provided through this page.
arabic  software  text  analysis  commercial  language 
yesterday by dicewitch
Ticha is an online, digital explorer for a corpus of Colonial Zapotec texts. (The name ticha comes from the Colonial Valley Zapotec word for ‘word’, which also means ‘language’.) Zapotec is an indigenous language family of Mexico, has a long record of alphabetic texts, the earliest dated 1565 (Oudijk 2008:230). Reading and interpreting these colonial documents can be extremely difficult because of the challenges of early Zapotec orthography, vocabulary, grammar, and printing conventions, yet the documents contain rich linguistic, historical, and anthropological information.
DH  projects  TEI  text  editing  digitization 
2 days ago by jshhnn
feitclub | It’s a katakana font (named “ゴウラ”) designed to...
"a katakana font (named “ゴウラ”) designed to look like Olde English fancy print"
design  fonts  type  text  language  japan 
2 days ago by aparrish

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