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The passive in English – tips and activities | Onestopenglish
"Show the students the following two texts (from a financial advisor to her client) and ask them which one they think is clearer:

> We have been asked by your home insurers to obtain your written confirmation that all their requirements have been completed by yourself.

> Your home insurers have asked us to obtain your written confirmation that you have completed all the documents."
passive-voice  esl  teaching  text  example  grammar 
yesterday by ssam
How to Enable Text Message Forwarding and Answer Phone Calls on Your Mac - Mac Rumors
How to Enable Text Message Forwarding and Answer Phone Calls on Your Mac - Mac Rumors
macos  imessage  text  forwarding 
2 days ago by chell-o
Itty bitty sites are contained entirely within their own link. (Including this one!) This means they're portable (you don't need a server to host them), private(nothing is sent to–or stored on–this server) and easy to share as a link or QR code.
site  generator  editor  text  note  share  url 
2 days ago by rbardini
An Introduction to Text Processing and Analysis with R
Workshop on how to do text analysis with R using tidyverse and tidytext tools
R  programming  tidyverse  text  tutorial  data_mining  data_science  data_analysis 
3 days ago by jkglasbrenner
GitHub - NatLibFi/Annif: Annif is a statistical automated indexing tool for libraries, archives and museums. This repository is used for developing a production version of the system, based on ideas from the initial prototype.
Annif is an automated subject indexing toolkit. It was originally created as a statistical automated indexing tool that used metadata from the Finna.fi discovery interface as a training corpus. This repo contains a rewritten production version of Annif based on the prototype. via Pocket
catalog  classification  mach  text  tools  diglib 
3 days ago by kintopp
Botnik - louvre_low.txt
Reply below with a negative Yelp review of The Louvre.

Use this keyboard:
predictive  text  keyboard  AI  humor 
3 days ago by soundsgood

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