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Dangerous shelters
Texas companies caring for immigrant child prisoners have a history of neglect and abuse
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yesterday by nelson
Here’s a list of organizations that are mobilizing to help separated immigrant children | The Texas Tribune
We’ve compiled a list of organizations that are mobilizing to try and help children that have been separated from their parents at the Texas-Mexico border.
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Rising sea levels could more than 5500 by 2030, new study says
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Today is , the day in 1865 when in , finally learned of their , two + a…
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StepBeyond Solutions : Executive Search for the Electronics Industry
StepBeyond Solutions Inc Executive Search for the Electronics Industry. StepBeyond Solutions Inc is the leader in Executive Search and Technical Recruiting for Electronics Manufacturers. StepBeyond.com has been the premier online EM recruiting site since 1997.
Our clients are the leaders in North America and globally in Electronics Manufacturing as well as their suppliers.
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RT : : I want to know what capacity is for each center. I want to know which , fed agen…
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3 days ago by DocDre
RT : Cheering on my fellow from Nashville (where I've got a delayed flite to ). As a rea…
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3 days ago by DocDre
Texas Deputy [Jose S. Nunez] Accused of Molesting 4-Year-Old and Threatening to Deport Her Mother
Law enforcement officials have long expressed concern that undocumented people and even lawful immigrants are afraid to report crimes out of fear that they could be deported or separated from their children. Police chiefs and victims’ advocates have said that reluctance to call the police or cooperate with the authorities had increased under President Trump, who has ordered immigration authorities to step up the targeting and arrest of those in the country illegally.
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3 days ago by jimmykduong
Heavy rain to bring risk, travel disruptions to southeastern this week
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3 days ago by ClaimsMate
RT : Cheering on my fellow from Nashville (where I've got a delayed flite to ). As a rea…
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3 days ago by dshaw
Cheering on my fellow from Nashville (where I've got a delayed flite to ). As a rea…
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