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Struggling Rural Hospitals Say They’re Being Preyed Upon by Blue Cross Blue Shield
Iraan General isn’t the only small-town hospital to feel Blue Cross Blue Shield’s screw-turning, said John Henderson, CEO of the Texas Organization of Community and Rural Hospitals. At several rural facilities across the state, the insurance giant is proposing lowball reimbursement rates and sending letters to customers to turn up the heat on unwilling hospital administrators, he said. “It puts those hospital leaders in a terrible predicament because it’s a public relations nightmare...
bcbs  healthinsurance  rural  health  hospitals  capitalism  texas 
3 days ago by adegru
El Paso to drink treated sewage water due to climate change drought - CNN
Climate change is making that increasingly difficult and is pushing the city to look for new sources of water. Now, El Paso is on track to become the first large city in the United States to treat its sewage water and send it directly back into its taps.
CS  drought  Texas 
10 days ago by huntercutting
The City I Love Is Destroying Itself
Nicole Antebi interviews historian David Dorado Romo about the fight to preserve the oldest barrio in El Paso from the City itself.
articles  texas  culture 
16 days ago by gmisra
The Best Dallas Area Travel Tips From Our Readers
Hack Your City went to Dallas and Fort Worth this week, plus the whole area around and in between. As reader Kristina Rowe pointed out, the DFW Metroplex is physically bigger than Connecticut and Rhode Island combined, and more populous than most U.S. states. And here we ate it in one bite. Go check out all the great comments under the staff tab, or read a sampling of tips below.
lifehacker  travel  texas 
17 days ago by kger
The List
Explore the top 50 barbecue joints in Texas. Data from Texas Monthly.
maps  bbq  texas 
19 days ago by gavinr

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