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Postman | Supercharge your API workflow
3+ million developers use Postman to share, test, document & monitor APIs.
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And lastly, break all of these rules whenever the benefit they provide isn’t worth the cost. Test Driven Development (TDD) is a practice that seems simple in concept, yet often proves challenging in practice.
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yesterday by ronert
What works in e-commerce - a meta-analysis of 6700 online experiments
• scarcity (stock pointers) +2.9% uplift
• urgency (countdown timers) +2.3% uplift
• social proof (informing users of others’ behaviour) +1.5% uplift
• abandonment recovery (messaging to keep users on-site) +1.1% uplift
• product recommendations (suggesting other products to purchase) +0.4% uplift
Most simple UI changes to websites are ineffective. For example
• colour (changing the colour of elements on a website) +0.0% uplift
• buttons (modifying website buttons) -0.2% uplift
• calls to action (changing the wording on a website to be more suggestive) -0.3% uplift
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yesterday by ramitsethi
IPA Support - Xamarin
This article covers how to create an IPA file that can be used to deploy an application using Ad Hoc distribution, either for testing, or for In-House distribution of internal applications.
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