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Elon Musk Is Really Boring - Bloomberg
COVER DU JOUR – “Elon Musk Is Really ‘Boring’ - The billionaire's new Trump-era business plan: Building tunnels,” by Max Chafkin in Bloomberg Businessweek: “Musk says he hopes to build a super-fast tunneling machine to dig thousands of miles, eventually creating a vast underground network that includes as many as 30 levels of tunnels for cars and high-speed trains such as the Hyperloop. As crazy as tunneling sounds, it’s arguably less crazy than Silicon Valley’s go-to traffic solution: flying cars. While The Boring Company has no full-time employees yet, nor does it have a clear business model, government contracts -- and playing nice with Trump -- will almost certainly play a role.” http://bloom.bg/2lRSQOj ... The cover http://politi.co/2kAn5HP
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Elon Musk accuses the UAW of paying an employee to unionize Tesla - The Verge
As California’s largest manufacturing employer and a company that has created thousands of quality jobs here in the Bay Area, this is not the first time we have been the target of a professional union organizing effort such as this.
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When your car geotags the location of your ride height, behavior is the interface.
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