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I was at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade the other day
shotoniphone6splus  Tesla  selfie  from twitter
14 hours ago by TomRaftery
I was at Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade the other day
shotoniphone6splus  Tesla  selfie  from twitter
14 hours ago by TomRaftery
SolarCity: Tesla's solar boondoggle • Fool.com
Travis Hoium:
<p>Tesla's $2.6bn acquisition of SolarCity was supposed to create a vertically integrated clean energy company. But since the buyout Tesla has been shutting down SolarCity's operations around the country. This month, Tesla will lay off about 200 workers in a Roseville, California operations center that was once a hub for SolarCity. This is on top of thousands of layoffs over the past year. 

Elon Musk has argued that the best solar strategy is to sell solar in stores, getting EV buyers to pick up a solar system along the way. But Tesla has barely rolled out solar sales in-store across the country and it's not clear the new retail strategy will result in anywhere near the sales SolarCity made on its own. 

The main thing SolarCity had going for it was a massive sales and installation organization. A vast majority of employees worked in these roles and they're the ones responsible for growing the company into a nationwide organization. 

If Tesla's vision was to move solar sales from the SolarCity sales staff to its own stores then why buy SolarCity at all? And if you're selling solar systems in a store, why buy a company with thousands of its own installers? Why not use a contracted installer like Home Depot or Lowe's does to install the kitchen counters they sell in-store? </p>

Solar isn't a self-fit. It's too complex. In a way, it's the modern form of the alumin(i)um sidings business captured in the film Tin Men. Except it really does help.
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yesterday by charlesarthur
Tesla’s New Car Smell – Monday Note
A pessimistic take on Tesla, based on its manufacturing practices, from former Apple executive Jean-Louis Gassée.
tesla  car  manufacturing  technology 
2 days ago by robmiller
S3X Appeal | Asymco
If this is true then the current Model S/X line is limited to about 50% of capacity or about 25 cars/working hour. This is equivalent to a takt time of 2.4 min/station. This is certainly much better than the estimated 5.5 and within a range of reasonableness, but one has to ask why is the line not operating more than half the time?
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2 days ago by yorksranter
Shell buys NewMotion charging network in first electric vehicle deal
Shell said NewMotion, which manages over 30,000 charging points for electric vehicles in Western Europe and offers access to thousands more, will operate in parallel to Shell’s program of rolling out fast charging points at its forecourts.
“They’re complementary offers. One is fast charging on the go on the forecourt and the other is a slightly slower rate of charge at the workplace or at home. At this stage there are no plans to integrate the two,” Shell’s vice-president for new fuels, Matthew Tipper, told journalists.
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2 days ago by dancall
News: Tesla, LEO | The Student Hub Live
News: Tesla, LEO

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Some things you may like to know about the OU that didn’t reach the national headlines!

Presentation time:
Wednesday, 4 October, 2017 - 14:00
Chris Edwards

Chris Edwards is a lecturer in IET/LTI and he chairs the Masters module H817 Openness and innovation in elearning. He is one of the authors of H819 The critical researcher: educational technology in practice.

Read more about Chris Edwards
Joanne Watts

Further info coming soon.

Read more about Joanne Watts
Vicky Marsh

Vicky Marsh joined The Open University in May 2013, and is a statistician in the Student Statistics and Surveys Team. Her responsibilities include:

Read more about Vicky Marsh
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3 days ago by ndf
Tesla’s New Car Smell – Monday Note
Once again, Tesla has missed a production forecast, this time for the highly expected Model 3. According to the Tesla optimists, it’s business as usual for Elon Musk…but Musk’s skin-of-your-teeth, renegade improvisation is about to meet a serious challenge from “Mary and Carlos”.
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3 days ago by micktwomey

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