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Julian's Hot Wheels Blog: Tesla Model S (2017 Factory Fresh)
This metalflake black Model S sure is factory fresh! It has plenty of details too, sweet!
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6 days ago by rgl7194
Note to Tesla owners: Don’t forget your car keys • Recode
Johana Bhuiyan:
<p>Ryan Negri, an angel investor and Tesla owner based in Las Vegas, decided to go for a drive through Red Rock Canyon yesterday to take “some photos of the freshly-fallen snow,” according to a photo caption he posted on Instagram. He unlocked and also started his car using his phone — a handy, somewhat delightful and futuristic-seeming feature — and left the key behind.

As Negri discovered after getting out of the car, it turns out there is no cell reception in a canyon in the middle of the desert — and that the Tesla needs a network connection to use the smartphone-unlocking feature.</p>

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6 days ago by charlesarthur
Tesla Supercharger fees kick in this week for new buyers
New Tesla buyers should not expect gasoline-level expenditures. Once a customer exceeds his or her annual limit and pricing kicks in, a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles will still cost only about $15, while a cross-country jaunt should top out at $120, according to Tesla.
7 days ago by automotive

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