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O2 calls/texts not working? Network issue affects Sky Mobile, Tesco Mobile and giffgaff
Apparently, the company’s service status page is also down, likely because of the heavy traffic it’s been receiving in the past few hour or so.
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december 2018 by terry
Why we stopped trusting elites | News | The Guardian
If a world where everyone has their own truth-tellers sounds dangerously like relativism, that’s because it is. But the roots of this new and often unsettling “regime of truth” don’t only lie with the rise of populism or the age of big data. Elites have largely failed to understand that this crisis is about trust rather than facts – which may be why they did not detect the rapid erosion of their own credibility.

Unless liberal institutions and their defenders are willing to reckon with their own inability to sustain trust, the events of the past decade will remain opaque to them. And unless those institutions can rediscover aspects of the original liberal impulse – to keep different domains of power separate, and put the disinterested pursuit of knowledge before the pursuit of profit – then the present trends will only intensify, and no quantity of facts will be sufficient to resist. Power and authority will accrue to a combination of decreasingly liberal states and digital platforms – interrupted only by the occasional outcry as whistles are blown and outrages exposed.
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november 2018 by petej
This is how cyber attackers stole £2.26m from Tesco Bank customers | ZDNet
What a shitshow.
Poor design of Tesco Bank debit cards played a significant role in creating security vulnerabilities that led to thousands of customers having their accounts emptied. One of these involved the PAN numbers -- the 16-digit card number sequence used to identify all debit cards.

Tesco Bank inadvertently issued debit cards with sequential PAN numbers. This increased the likelihood that the attackers would find the next PAN number in the sequence.

It took 21 hours after the attack began before Tesco Bank's Fraud Strategy Team was informed about the incident.

Only after what the FCA describes as a "series of errors" -- including Tesco Bank's Financial Crime Operations Team sending an email to the wrong address, instead of making a phone call as procedure requires -- was the fraud team made aware of the attack.

In all that time, nothing had been done to stop the attacks, with fraudulent transactions continuing to siphon money from accounts as the bank received more and more calls from worried customers.
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october 2018 by jm
This is how cyber attackers stole £2.26m from Tesco Bank customers • ZDNet
Danny Palmer:
<p>the <a href="https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/final-notices/tesco-personal-finance-plc-2018.pdf">FCA's newly published report into the Tesco Bank attack</a> details how hackers were able to make off with over £2m over the course of 48 hours in November 2016.

The attack started at 02:00 on Saturday, 5 November 2016; by 04:00, Tesco Bank's fraud analysis and detection system started sending automatic text messages to the bank's personal current account holders asking them to call about "suspicious activity" on their accounts, which is how the bank itself first became aware of the attack.

As the fraud attempts increased, the calls quickly overwhelmed Tesco Bank's fraud prevention line. Although Tesco Bank's controls stopped almost 80 percent of the unauthorised transactions, the attack affected 8,261 out of 131,000 Tesco Bank personal current accounts.

The attackers most likely used an algorithm which generated authentic Tesco Bank debit card numbers and, using those virtual cards, they attempted to make thousands of unauthorised debit card transactions.

The FCA said Tesco Bank's failures include the way in which the bank distributed debit card numbers and mistakes made in the reaction to the attack which meant that no action was taken for almost a day after the incident was first uncovered.

A number of deficiencies in the way Tesco Bank handled security left customers vulnerable to cyber attackers in an incident that was "largely avoidable", said the FCA analysis of the incident which Tesco Bank had to this point been tight-lipped about - to the frustration of other financial institutions.</p>

And 21 hours (that's to 11pm on the day of an attack that started 0200) for the Financial Crime Operations Team to contact the Fraud Strategy Team. "In the meantime, nothing had been done to stop the attack." Attack (or at least fake transaction) source: Brazil.

But it gets worse. Oh, yes.
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october 2018 by charlesarthur
Aldi and Lidl won't be scared by Tesco's new discount Jack's | Nils Pratley | Business | The Guardian
- visually it might be an Aldi analogue, pricing strategy wise it seems closer to Poundstretcher with a bakery
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september 2018 by renaissancechambara

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