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Reimagining "Terminator 2's" Iconic User Interfaces Through the Power of Adobe XD | Adobe Blog
“With the intention of showcasing the power of Adobe XD and demonstrating the potential of UX design beyond app and website design, Adobe partnered with Territory to reimagine two iconic stills from “Terminator 2” using Adobe XD. The results were eye-opening for Territory and Adobe alike, revealing a new realm of potential for designers working in film UX while inspiring new functionalities for XD’s community.”
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july 2018 by danhon
Illegibility: The Margin Between What's Measured And What's Real
We live in an incredibly complex world; the territory is too vast for anyone to hold in their head and so we create maps, simplifications of reality to help us function. However, sometimes a large gap between the map and the territory emerges. The simplified map we are using is no longer accurate, or never was in the first place.
gap  margin  maps  simplify  reality  territory  illegibility  complexity  simplifications  articles 
june 2018 by navegador
Echelon Defense: The Role of Sea Power in Chinese Maritime Dispute Strategy
Feb 2018 Naval War College report
Front line is the Chinese Coast Guard. Behind it stands the Chinese naval fleet.
naval_war_college  china  maritime  territory 
may 2018 by strohps
This App Can Tell You the Indigenous History of the Land You Live On by Chelsey Luger — YES! Magazine
Whose land are you on? Start with a visit to native-land.ca. Native Land is both a website and an app that seeks to map Indigenous languages, treaties, and territories across Turtle Island. You might type in New York, New York, for example, and find that the five boroughs are actually traditional Lenape and Haudenosaunee territory.

On the website and in the app, you can enter the ZIP code or Canadian or American name for any town. The interactive map will zoom in on your inquiry, color-code it, and pull up data on the area’s Indigenous history, original language, and tribal ties.

The project is run by Victor Temprano out of British Columbia, Canada. A self-described “settler,” he said that the idea came to him while driving near his home—traditional Squamish territory. He saw many signs in the English language with the Squamish original place names indicated in parentheses underneath. He thought to himself, “Why isn’t the English in brackets?”
Native_American  Indian  map  language  territory  history 
april 2018 by Quercki

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