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Tardis - A backup system, similar to TimeMachine. Supports encrypted, incremental backups, with filesystem based recovery
A Time Machine style backup system.

Tardis is a system for making incremental backups of filesystems, much like Apple's TimeMachine.

Like TimeMachine, Tardis is aimed primarily at "live backups", namely a backup taken periodically, and available for quick recovery, typically stored on attached or online disks, or rather than being stored on archival backup media, such as tapes.

Tardis runs in a client/server mode, normally using a remote backup server (client and server can be the same machine). The server is relatively lightweight, and runs fine on a Raspberry Pi 2 or better machine.
backup  commandline  cli  terminal 
19 hours ago by dusko
skerit/janeway: 🌌 A Node.js console REPL with object inspection and many other features
🌌 A Node.js console REPL with object inspection and many other features - skerit/janeway
terminal  console 
yesterday by ElliotPsyIT
command line terminal inspired by Hyper
cli  terminal 
2 days ago by peaeater
CLI: improved
Over the years my command line habits have improved and I often search for smarter tools for the jobs I commonly do. With that said, here's my current list of improved CLI tools.
terminal  tools 
2 days ago by ianmclaury

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