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Gerard Can Has Tentacles! AU
Part of the Atypical Anatomy universe. Futurefic Sci-Fi First Time Boarding School fic, oh my.
pair:Frank.Iero/Gerard.Way  author:two.way.street  tentacle!fic  fandom:bandom 
december 2018 by munkykiss
“Oh come on, Steve. You look at me like you want to put me on a pedestal and worship me. You look at Barnes like you want to tear his clothes off with your teeth. Tell me why you two aren’t...?” Peggy smirks at him, because of course this amuses her greatly.

“It’s not... that...” Steve cringes.

It’s Bucky’s tentacles.

And how badly he wants them inside him.
fandom:Captain.America  length:less.than.50k  rating:explicit  Steve.Rogers/Bucky.Barnes  tentacle!fic  demon!AU 
december 2018 by munkykiss
Reach - Isagel - Mass Effect [Archive of Our Own]
"I had reach, she had flexibility." (Hey, it's a Porn Battle fic! I can totally use that line as a summary without shame. *cough*)

Written for the following prompt words in Porn Battle XIII: reach, understanding, alien, different.
pwp  kink!  masseffect  smut  tentacle!fic 
december 2012 by Teogli
Eating At The Table Of Another - peevee - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock finds an interesting specimen whilst investigating the odd case of Mr Longstone.

“I’ve never seen a plant do that,” says John. “Is that normal?”

Okay, so I wasn't entirely sure whether to go with non-con or dub-con in the warnings here, so please heed: this is really really dub-con. Also it contains elements of body horror, which may be squicky for some. Be warned!
sherlock  tentacle!fic  pollen! 
august 2012 by Teogli
Aphelion - Chapter 1 - marlowe_tops - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Inspired by the world of Neil Gaiman's "A Study in Emerald". Lovecraftian romance in which John finds out that some of Sherlock's strange behavior was actually intended as courting rituals, and that his acceptance of the behavior was taken as consent. Meanwhile, bored prince Sebastian's choice of a new mate ends up being far messier than he expected. Dub-con
ponfarr  sherlock  tentacle!fic  au  urbanfantasy  smut  case-file  h/c  wip 
july 2012 by Teogli
capkink - Prompt Post 001
There's a tentacle fic here that I can only describe as 'fluffy noncon'. So. (Steve getting molested by a tentacle monster.)
Tentacle monsters are actually very affectionate creatures, they just can't talk so they have to show their love physically. It's not their fault that these hairy pink humans don't have the correct number of limbs to respond properly.
short  tentacle!fic  tentacle  pwp  smut  marvel  avengers  crack 
january 2012 by Teogli
thingswithwings: fic: Read My Mind
warning: sigh. TENTACLE PORN. :: It's not that he forgets about the mechanical dildo wall-snakes, precisely; it's more that he's put them out of his mind, doesn't connect them to this new thing with John.
SGA  crack  smut  tentacle  tentacle!fic  case-file  mmm 
march 2008 by Teogli
3: Gods and Monsters
It wasn't difficult to shift his form between what was acceptable and what was innate; it was the easiest thing in the world. If keeping up his human guise was an exercise in will, then abandoning it was merely a relaxation of control.
saiyuki  gaiden  slash  gojyo-hakkai  tentacle!fic  short  series  godsandmonsters  ciceqi 
august 2006 by jain
1: Come Clean
Kenren knocked first, loudly, but he wasn't too surprised when no one answered. He hadn't exactly been holding his breath, knowing the Marshal's tendency to get lost in his work, although calling it 'work' was no doubt stretching things a bit.
saiyuki  gaiden  slash  gojyo-hakkai  tentacle!fic  short  series  godsandmonsters  ciceqi 
august 2006 by jain

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