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Find The Perfect Tent Rental For Your Wedding
Partnering with one party rental company is a great way to streamline the wedding planning process and ensure that you love the result.
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2 days ago by Adventure_Web
What are tent coatings and deniers? | Outside Online
* Coating - The 1,000mm designation means that 1,000mm of water can be added before the coating leaks. 1000mm should be the minimum but high-end backpacking tents will have floor coatings rated to as much as 3,500mm.
* Denier (pronounced den-YAY) is a unit of measurement that applies to a yarn’s thickness. In tents you’ll find a mix, depending on where the fabric is used, with a denier of 75 and 150 most commonly found.
* Footpring - I almost always recommend that tent users place something under the tent to protect the floor from abrasion. Most tent manufacturers will happily sell you a “footprint" for $40 or more. But you can buy some light polyethylene sheeting at your local hardware store and cut yourself a piece. Make it slightly smaller than the size of the floor, so water dripping off the tent doesn’t catch on the footprint and collect under the tent.
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4 weeks ago by omnipotus

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