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BuzzFeed’s pro tennis investigation displays ethical dilemmas of data journalism - Columbia Journalism Review
But they didn’t publish the names of suspicious players, including in the anonymized data or the code releases that accompanied the article. In the article, BuzzFeed states that the statistical evidence presented is not definitive proof of match fixing. That didn’t stop others from quickly de-anonymizing the players pinpointed by the statistical analysis. A group of undergraduate students from Stanford University were able to infer and make public the names of players BuzzFeed had kept hidden.
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8 days ago by paulbradshaw
Nick Kyrgios’s Latest Act of Rebellion: Winning the Mexican Open - The Ringer
"Being found intensely annoying by John McEnroe is a high honor for any exasperating person"
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9 days ago by mr_stru
The Djoker Return
"This was particularly shattering for Rafa. He had tweaked his serve specifically for the Australian Open. He knew that to win on a hard court again — he has won one hard court Grand Slam title since 2013 — he needed to get a few more free points. So he flattened out his serve a little bit, went for more aggressive angles, and the difference was striking. Djokovic said that he was impressed by how Nadal, after all these years, could so wildly improve his serve. 'At the same time,' Djokovic said, not arrogantly but simply speaking cold hard truth, 'it’s quite different playing against me.'"
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12 days ago by bankbryan
Serena Williams is not just the greatest tennis player ever, but athlete. Period. | REVOLT - UNAPOLOGETICALLY HIP HOP
“The moment I realized Serena Williams was not only in contention to being the greatest tennis player of all time, but most likely the best athlete—man or woman—in sports history, was January 27, 2007.”
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18 days ago by handcoding
Stanford University Nike Tennis Camp, Paul Goldstein Sessions
These camps are geared towards boys & girls of all ability levels, ages 9-18. With a perfect mix of drills, match-play, conditioning, strategy and off-court fun, campers immerse themselves within the sport and campus, creating memories to last a lifetime. Upon arrival, all participants are evaluated by the staff so that their own instructional needs can be addressed throughout the week.
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21 days ago by pskomoroch
Just practising my game here at , ready for the big day tomorrow meets
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We Are Not Worthy, Naomi Osaka | Brian Phillips
Osaka’s first Grand Slam win, the 2018 U.S. Open, over Serena Williams, was marred with controversy. In the Australian Open final, the stage is set for her to assume her place as the game’s next great champion.
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7 weeks ago by pnjman

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