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Impala to oppose Tencent investment in Universal Music Group
Independent-music body Impala has come out against plans for Chinese technology company Tencent to buy a 10% stake in Universal Music Group, with an option to buy a further 10%. “Even at a low level of shareholding, we believe the risk of harm for consumers and competitors from such a transaction would be a concern because of the impact in both the digital market and the music sector, with independents being squeezed further and artists also losing out,” said Impala’s executive chair Helen Smith, in a statement this morning.
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16 days ago by motiveunknown
TikTok owner tops Baidu as China's No. 2 digital ad company | Mobile Marketer
ByteDance, the Chinese tech giant that owns social video app TikTok, overtook Baidu and Tencent to become the second-biggest digital ad platform in the country. ByteDance captured 23% of digital media spend, or 50 billion yuan ($7 billion) during the first half of 2019, per estimates from consulting firm R3 cited by CNBC.
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba was the market leader with 33% of digital media spend during the period. Baidu, which has been described as the "Chinese Google," came in third place at 17%. Tencent, parent company of popular messaging app WeChat, was in fourth place with a 14% share​.
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22 days ago by dancall
Tencent isn't planning on making $3bn investment in Universal by itself
According to sources, Tencent intends to raise €1bn ($1.1bn) in debt to help fund the €3bn ($3.3bn) UMG deal, with the remaining circa-$2bn likely being funded in equity. Bloomberg reports that Tencent has “a goal to carry out the purchase within the next few months”, and that it may enlist further minority investors to help buy up to 20% of UMG. Vivendi announced in August that it was in talks with Tencent, with the latter set to acquire 10% of UMG. Vivendi also confirmed that Tencent  had a one-year call option to acquire an additional 10% of the music company at the same price and terms.
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25 days ago by motiveunknown
developed 'Call of Duty Mobile' has just had the best launch of any mobile game EVER

100 million download…
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7 weeks ago by marks
Matthew Brennan on Twitter: "Wow! Worth watching this. China's largest video platform #Tencentvideo (97M paying China subscribers) will begin inserting extra ads into movies/series that didn't exist in the original. #computervision https://t.co/qltsQz9jdF
Wow! Worth watching this. China's largest video platform #Tencentvideo (97M paying China subscribers) will begin inserting extra ads into movies/series that didn't exist in the original. #computervision
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8 weeks ago by dancall
Tencent Music’s Andy Ng talks AI recommendations and karaoke expansion
“For the first two years basically what happened was that Tencent was helping all these music labels who agreed to give us this sole distribution rights and we just hit really hard on the piracy issue,” he says. “We sued almost every single music portal that was infringing content.” In its push to establish a paid model in China, lobbying at a governmental level also started to bear fruit in 2015. “One of the very big pirate sites at that time overnight had to take down 250m tracks,” he says. “That’s how the revolution began in China.”
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8 weeks ago by motiveunknown
Apple defends the way it shares Safari browser data with Google or Tencent • CNET
Ian Sherr:
<p>Apple is refuting press reports that it sends some users' private browsing data to Google and the Chinese tech company Tencent, saying it safeguards people's information in its own systems and doesn't send most easily identifiable website information to other companies…

…In Apple's documentation, the iPhone maker said its Safari browser "may send information calculated from the website address to Google Safe Browsing and Tencent Safe Browsing to check if the website is fraudulent. These browsing providers may also log your IP address."

But in a statement, Apple said it actually doesn't send information to Google or Tencent. Instead, it receives a list of bad websites from both companies and then uses it to protect people as they surf the web. Apple sometimes obscures the information about the website people visit if it requests more information to check if a questionable website is malicious. The URL, or website address being checked, "is never shared with a safe browsing provider," <a href="https://twitter.com/markgurman/status/1183775355733188608/photo/1">Apple said</a> in the statement, originally provided to Bloomberg.

But, Apple said, the internet or IP address of the person's browser may be shared with Google or Tencent. For people concerned about their privacy, the service can be turned off in Safari preferences on the iPhone or Mac.</p>

Took 24 hours to get there, so Apple's improving on this.
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8 weeks ago by charlesarthur
How safe is Apple’s Safe Browsing? – A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering
But Tencent isn’t Google. While they may be just as trustworthy, we deserve to be informed about this kind of change and to make choices about it. At very least, users should learn about these changes before Apple pushes the feature into production, and thus asks millions of their customers to trust them.
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8 weeks ago by yorksranter

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