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When time became regular and universal, it changed history
"The end-times achieved a kind of temporal integration, like the backing a mirror needs if we are to see anything. They converted the experience of one-thing-after-another into a narrative plot. No longer was time passing away, empty and irredeemable, tick-tick-tick; it now had meaning and an ending, tick-tock."
time  temporality  apocalypse  eschatology 
13 days ago by jntolva
Reverse Gentrification of the Future Now: Essay by Rasheedah Phillips | FringeArts
Time and temporal inequities show up at every step of the eviction process, for example, from the short or fully waivable notice requirements for termination of a lease agreement, to the time required for an evicted family to vacate a unit that is severely out of line with the time needed to secure new housing. Inevitably, marginalized Black communities are disproportionately impacted by both material, spatial, and temporal inequalities in a linear progressive society, with many Black communities forced to occupy “temporal ghettos” as well as spatial ones.

Circuit City considers both the implications of time and of space involved in privatization of public housing, gentrification, displacement, and redevelopment. There is no set year or place in the play, but instead a layering of multiple temporal spaces. The residents of Circuit City are integrating the time(s) of redevelopment, privatization, and hyper-gentrification, into the pre-established temporal dynamics of the community, layered over and within the communal historical memory and the shared idea of the future(s) of that community. Nested within those layers are individual, subjective temporalities and the lived realities of the residents, at odds with the linear, mechanical model of time on which Circuit City and its external spatial-temporal constructs are etched. It takes as its central provocation a practical strategy for achieving a Black flight, a reverse gentrification, and inverse displacement, and the conditions necessary for temporal autonomy and spatial agency. Circuit City is presented using Black Quantum Futurism praxis as a critical framework, fusing Afrodiasporan philosophies and rituals with quantum physics, recovering artifacts of Black temporal consciousness, and dismantling oppressive social temporal constructs.
housing  futurism  race  gentrification  temporality 
21 days ago by shannon_mattern
The Waiting Room | Somatosphere
The waiting room is a peculiar sort of place, a space of liminality, suspended time, even containment. It is a space defined as temporary, only intended as a lead-in to another place. The goal is to get into or out of the doctor’s office. And in that office, one is transformed into a patient: a business suit is shed for a medical gown. In biomedical terms, this can mean that one’s body becomes visible in quite different, but also very particular, ways. It is the individual body that counts, the body outside everyday time and space. Or, rather, time is detected through ideas like heredity. And space takes form through concepts such as environment or population. One ceases to be a father, daughter, unemployed, wealthy or jilted; while one’s diagnosis may take those into account in secondary ways, the body in the doctor’s office is snatched out of its regular life, and held in abeyance while another system of recognition imposes itself.
anthrodesign  architecture  institutional_critique  temporality 
23 days ago by shannon_mattern
Black Futurism & Technologies of Joy | Akademie Schloss Solitude: Schlosspost
Founded circa 2014, BQF is a radical praxis that develops liberatory tech and practices of spatiotemporal consciousness that we believe are more beneficial to marginalized Black peoples’ survival in a »high-tech« world currently dominated by oppressive linear time constructs. BQF theory, vision, and practice explore the intersections of quantum physics, futurism, and Black/African diasporic cultural space-time traditions. We reappropriate time as a weapon and tool to fight back against temporal oppression. Our work seeks to inspire practical techniques of vision and agency against a forever expanding reconquering of land, housing, and health in Black communities. We look at the underlying connections holding us captive in literal and virtual prisons and through the BQF lens, break the codes and messages that tell us we are running out of time and toward a chaotic end....

The portal contains short films, soundscapes, visual art, glitch art, a twine game, surveys, memory mapping, a digital oracle deck, poems, short stories and more – all accessible via nonlinear image maps within the portal. The experience is meant to be intuitive and self-guided – you choose and create your own temporal-spatial experiences within it. The materials were created by Black Quantum Futurism, and other Black women and nonbinary artists who contributed Black women temporal technologies and timescapes to the portal....

Afrofuturism and Black Futurity should not continue to be seen as isolated to its own field of study or seen as focused on art, entertainment, and literature. It should increasingly be applied to other areas of study, such as law, architecture, psychology, social work, public policy, etc. I hope to see Black communities continue to take Afrofuturism and its potential seriously as a creative force for worldbuilding and worldchanging, and to develop it as such.
temporality  blackness  surveillance  afrofuturism 
december 2018 by shannon_mattern
On Small Seasons and Long Calendars – Ross Zurowski
Sekki, phases, and the long calendar are just a few examples of more human and purposeful calendaring systems. Heck, even a seasonal vegetable chart for an area is an unexpectedly useful time-keeping tool. Why shouldn’t your calendar help you decide when to make a minestrone soup, oxtail stew, or a pico de gallo?

You can imagine some bigger questions along the same train of thought:

How can calendars inspire or inform daily living?
What does a communal calendar look like? How can it afford community action and a sense of collective identity?
How can calendars encourage thinking beyond our own lifespans? (Peter Bïlak’s 100-year calendar is an interesting example of this)
calendars  temporality  time_management  time 
december 2018 by shannon_mattern
Black Womxn Temporal
An online protest statement against limited conceptions about what "The Future is..." that disincludes Black women, femmes, transwomen, and girls. The statement recognizes the plurality and quantum nature of the future(s) where Black womxn, femmes, and girls exist and are safe, loved, and valued. Considering the unique, intersectional temporal experiences of Black women and girls and the ways in which we are being actively erased from the objective, linear future, this text, sound, and image series is part of a nonlinear timescape/tapestry/temporal map/toolkit preparing us for the Black womanist, quantum future(s). It is an interactive, open access archive of the temporal technologies Black womxn and girls have developed to ensure our quantum future(s) and uncover our ancestral space-time configurations for survival in the present.
feminism  mapping  cartography  temporality  timelines 
november 2018 by shannon_mattern
Below the Surface - The archeological finds of the North/Southline Amsterdam
Amsterdam drained a canal and put everything they found online, organized by time from 1300 - present day... from pokemon tokens, to pipes, to guns, to human bones
archaeology  media_archaeology  temporality  history  archive  holland  urban_studies  deep_time  inspiration 
june 2018 by gwijthoff
Time OnLine
Time OnLine is a project by Daniel Rosenberg and the University of Oregon Libraries. The project explores a variety of timelines and other tools for visualizing history drawn from historical texts by presenting them in a new interactive digital format. The first of these was an interactive version of a game of historical facts designed by Samuel L. Clemens in the 1880s and produced and marketed in 1892.
temporality  timelines  mapping  cartography 
june 2018 by shannon_mattern

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