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Migration Files for a fresh install of Craft 3 to quickly create a new project
craftcms  startup  templates  migrations 
16 hours ago by jgreenawalt
Canada Day Web Banner Designs – Canada day
Promote your Canada Day offers using this great set of Canada Day banners. This set includes the 12 most popular web banner sizes, for networks like Google Ads, and 2 Facebook ads! With these Canada Day templates you’ll be able to quickly customize each Canada Day banner design for your marketing.
Canada  day  banners  templates  banner  design 
yesterday by ArjunDoto
Fashion Trends Instagram Stories and Ad Banners - HYOV
We’ve put together a fashion story as unique as your brand, as a fun set of 12 fashion promotional ad banners! Use these fashion Instagram banners as creative content on your account. With these Instagram fashion banner templates and Instagram fashion banner ads, you’ll make your brand stand out.
instagram  fashion  banner  templates  ad  banners 
yesterday by ArjunDoto
Just another fine responsive site template designed by HTML5 UP and released for free under the Creative Commons.
templates  html5 
yesterday by fogfish
Exclusive Object Mockups and Design Assets on Yellow Images Marketplace
Набор шаблонов для дизайна. Формы, мячи, разные предметы, на которые можно наложить текстуры
design  tools  templates  mockups  industrial_design 
7 days ago by gevorg

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