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How to find out which Squarespace template a site is using — silvabokis
Find Squarespace Templates by ID - Template lookup - find out what template a certain site is using
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2 days ago by spitonastranger
Helping Designers Adhere to a Design System with Sketch (Walmart)
Travis Folck из Walmart рассказывает о Sketch-библиотеке дизайн-команды.
UX  templates  sketch  issue 
4 days ago by jvetrau
Passing variables to WordPress get_template_part() function | Meks
//Note: you need to use full file name, in this case content.php and also false arguments to avoid loading the file and return the full path instead
include( locate_template( 'content.php', false, false ) );
8 days ago by amandag

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