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Sketchize — Free Wireframing Sheets
Очередные шаблоны для скетчей мобильных интерфейсов.
UX  wireframes  sketching  templates  downloads 
3 days ago by jvetrau
900+ Free Responsive Email Templates to Help You Start with Email Design
Are you looking for free responsive email templates? Look no further! You can find over 900 responsive email templates in this article free of charge.
#marketing  email  templates 
3 days ago by rboone
Popular makes infographics, one-(long)-page infographics like a class syllabus or a landing page. Not really a pitch deck maker.
ESB6  infographic  Infographics  template  templates  syllabus  landingpage 
4 days ago by jeromekatz
YC seed deck template - Google Slides
A template for slide decks for pitch meetings. Should be a good guideline also for service teams in show'n'tells etc.
presentations  templates  pitch 
9 days ago by ghijklmno
Distributing scalable Sketch libraries (UX Planet)
Matthew Talebi описывает более-менее здоровый процесс работы с шаблонами в Sketch и перечисляет разные способы его распространения.
UX  tools  sketch  templates  howto  issue 
10 days ago by jvetrau

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