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A documentary series that looks to explore the big questions of today.
2 days ago by mikael
BBC newsreader Richard Baker dies aged 93
The BBC director general, Tony Hall, said Baker was “at the forefront of the creation of the modern news presenter”. He said: “Later, he became a great advocate for classical music, presenting many much-loved programmes. But more than that, he was quite simply a lovely and charming man. Our sympathies are with his many friends and family.”
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3 days ago by terry
OTW Guest Post: Josué Cardona
Josué Cardona founded Geek Therapy when he saw how fandom was useful for connecting with those he was trying to help. After events in Puerto Rico last year, he also found it could be a way to stay connected in the aftermath of a crisis.
Guest-Post  Television  Comics  Gaming 
4 days ago by otw_news
BBC Two - Politics Live
BBC Two Politics Live Home Episodes Clips Contact Us Main content Politics Live The political stories of the day. On iPlayer 16/11/2018 All available episodes…
politics  bbc  television  news  streaming 
4 days ago by asaltydog
The Man From Y.E.T.I.
"The Man From Y.E.T.I. was a 17-episode U.S. television show, originally airing September 1968 to February 1969. Often compared to The Prisoner, the show combined unexplained surreal situations and characters, paranoia, science-fiction, and action-adventure."
television  entertainment 
6 days ago by stb

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