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Foto: In New York bij John Oliver: "Als je Trump negeert, wordt hij pas écht gevaarlijk" |
Elke journalist had hem ermee geconfronteerd, maar je hebt al honderden keren laten optekenen dat je vooral geen journalist bent. Ik kan me inbeelden dat Hoffman niet op zo veel weerwerk had gerekend.

John Oliver: “Ik heb hem daar ook niet mee geconfronteerd als journalist, maar als mens. Maar ik snap natuurlijk waarom iedereen in die zaal – Hoffman, De Niro, het publiek, ik – zo op zijn ongemak was. Ik ben een komiek, ik word ingehuurd als komiek om een panelgesprek te leiden, ik vind dat ik daarin een belangrijk onderwerp moet aansnijden dat hoegenaamd niet grappig is, en ik krijg een antwoord waaruit niet de minste zelfreflectie spreekt, wat het allemaal nog zoveel erger maakte.
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RT : Grande por su defensa del sistema educativo en Catalunya .
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Nirvana in Fire - Erin Horakova
This may not tell you anything you don't already know about NIF if you've seen it but this interestingly talks about how C-dramas and non-Western tv in general are positioned within critical thought in the West, i.e. it is not. Includes a call for submissions to “Fans of Color, Fandoms of Color," a special issue of Transformative Works and Cultures, and the Korean Television Reader.
The Anglophone West stands to learn so much from engaging with global television, and to gain so much knowledge and pleasure. I’m fascinated by the production circumstances that allowed the release of Nirvana in Fire as a serial novel, and which allowed that same writer to adapt this tight script, which was shot in a block and aired—all fifty-four episodes, each about forty-five minutes long—in less than a month. The sequel was made and aired in a similar time frame. What a fascinatingly different process from Western models! Surely publishers, as well as people studying Victorian serial fiction, are interested in this successful alternative fiction distribution model?
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4 days ago by littlerhymes
The Amazing Andrew Rilstone's Blog: Last Best Hopes
"First, you have to take the decision to treat seven hundred and something episodes of a TV show as if it was a single text: to treat Dalek Invasion of Earth and Twice Upon a Time as somehow part of the same story. This kind of fan often talks as if there was a single divinely inspired text of Doctor Who in heaven, and that the script writers merely channel that text. They don’t say “In Spearhead from Space, some jobbing writer made some shit up, partly as a joke and partly as a plot device, and over the years some other jobbing writers have kept the same joke going.” They say “In Spearhead from Space it was revealed that the Doctor had two hearts.” Revealed is an interestingly religious choice of words. 

Second, you have to be more interested in the one great story made up of every single episode of Doctor Who even the ones which haven’t been written yet than in the actual episode that we are watching right now. If a 2018 story says something that makes it impossible to believe in that one great story then you either have to pretend that the new story never happened, or else you have to admit that the one big story never actually existed in the first place and quit watching Doctor Who altogether.

I grant that some texts are meant to be read that way. It’s fair to assume that something which is true in Season 1 of Game of Thrones is still true in Season 7. It is perfectly sensible to rewatch the early episodes of The Good Place in the light of what you have learned from the later ones. Stan and Jack may have been stuffing their comics full of whatever nonsense seemed fun at the time, but various Thomas’s and Gruenwald’s worked fairly hard in the 1970s and 1980s to turn the whole thing into a halfway consistent shared universe. Anyone might read Spider-Man and wonder if Uncle Ben ever met Captain America during World War 2. But it's a deeply odd way of watching Doctor Who."
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