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Numéros de services clients - Ne payez pas pour rien ! - Actualité - UFC-Que Choisir
Contacter un service client pour une réclamation, un retour d’article ou un suivi de livraison ne devrait pas être payant. Bien qu’elles mettent souvent en avant un…
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5 weeks ago by ebouchut
AT+T starts blocking robocalls automatically, no opt-in required • Android Police
Manuel Vonau:
<p>Robocalls are a problem almost everyone in the US can relate to, and the fact that carriers weren't allowed to block suspected spam calls without the explicit opt-in from customers for a long time hasn't exactly improved the issue. An FCC ruling in June changed legislation around that, and AT+T was quick to act on it. The company is now automatically blocking calls it suspects as spam or fraud.

The service will be enabled for new customers right away and will roll out to existing lines "over the coming months." In contrast to AT+T's current Call Protect app, this upcoming blocking method doesn't require you to install anything on your phone and will be provided on an opt-out basis, meaning users of the network should see a significant drop in spam calls going forward without having to take any action themselves.</p>

Be interested to know how they identify the spam calls. There's definitely a story to be written there, and in (in the UK) British Telecom's efforts on this, because it seems to have made some progress in recent months preventing nuisance and spam calls.
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5 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Tips for Getting Started Developing for Web Accessibility | Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) | W3C

Help users avoid and correct mistakes
Provide clear instructions, error messages, and notifications to help users complete forms on your site. When an error occurs:
-Help users find where the problem is
-Provide specific, understandable explanations
-Suggest corrections
Be as forgiving of format as possible when processing user input.

For example, accept phone numbers that include spaces and delete the spaces as needed.

Example: Australian phone number field with forgiving validation
(screen icon) Rendered
Phone [_____]
For example, (02) 1234 1234

Code Snippet
<label for="phone">Phone</label>
<input id="phone" name="phone" type="tel"
pattern="^(\(?0[1-9]{1}\)?)?[0-9 -]*$"
<p id="phone-desc">For example, (02) 1234 1234</p>
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7 weeks ago by andreasbuzzing

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