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The crooked timber of humanity
Nearly two centuries ago, France was hit by the world’s first cyber-attack. Tom Standage argues that it holds lessons for us today
history  security  technology  telegraph  hacking  cool  culture 
11 weeks ago by garrettc
© 2012-2018 Firefighters Hall & Museum. All rights reserved. » The Fire Alarm Telegraph System
Looking inside old fire alarm boxes, first developed in Boston:
(Weight-sector boxes were preferred over Spring-sector boxes in northern climates, as extremely cold weather would cause the mainspring to snap.)
fire  technology  telegraph 
april 2018 by madamim
Still recognisable as the idyllic refuge, despite uncollected rubbish reaching epidemic proportions. Corfu, an island off Greece’s northwest coast in the Ionian Sea, is defined by rugged mountains and a resort-studded shoreline. Its cultural heritage reflects years spent under Venetian, French and British rule before it was united with Greece in 1864.
travel  guide  corfu  ionian  islands  greece  telegraph  history 
april 2018 by asaltydog
Airship | Homemade in China: Crazy DIY inventions, in pictures - News
Farmer Shi Songbo from Shangqiu city, Henan province, said that he has always had a fascination with flight and really wanted to try it for himself. To do this, Shi spent 300,000 yuan (about £30,000) crafting a 23-metre-long, 10-metre-tall airship...
telegraph  photo  china  technology  fun  in-pictures 
april 2018 by ndf
Jamie Bartlett -
Jamie Bartlett Jamie Bartlett is a journalist and tech blogger for The Telegraph and Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media for Demos in…
journalism  blog  politics  technology  social  media  analysis  telegraph 
april 2018 by asaltydog
The vegetable garden in a bag - Telegraph
Bunny Guinness learns that a tarmac space can be turned into a successful vegetable garden. The site of a well-tended vegetable garden burgeoning with assorted…
garden  plants  vegetables  planters  telegraph 
april 2018 by asaltydog

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