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Criptovalute: bitcoin – Telegraph
Una panoramica di video youtube sulla criptovaluta bitcoin
Bitcoin  CriptoValuta  telegraph  Youtube 
3 days ago by vittoriozuccala
The Telegraph takes on audio storytelling, with podcasts and news briefings on Alexa and Google Assistant | Media news
Using the Custom Skills on the Amazon Echo, the team is also exploring options to go beyond the standard news briefing to potentially offer a more personalised edition to users. Inspired by the supplements of The Sunday Telegraph, the aim is to get to know their users' preferences and serve more tailored content.

A reader of The Sunday Telegraph for example might skim through the news section before jumping straight to the culture supplement, or the travel section. Alexa users may soon be able to do the same.
alexa  voice  telegraph  personalisation  podcasts 
12 days ago by paulbradshaw
Half of GP surgeries open for under eight hours a day, Telegraph investigation reveals
The Telegraph analysed the opening hours of every GP practice in England, using data published by each surgery.

The figures show that in total, 4,208 are open to patients for less than eight hours a day - 47 per cent of the 8,941 English practices listed as active by NHS Choices.

They include 3,504 which are open for fewer than seven hours a day. And among them are 1,631 open for under five hours daily.
scrapingeg  telegraph  openinghours  health  gp  postcodelottery 
8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Top tips for using a wood-burning stove this winter - Telegraph
If you've recently joined the wood-burning stove brigade, there are two key tips that will ensure you get the most from your fire Whether you’re the proud owner…
howto  heating  multifuel  stoves  telegraph 
8 weeks ago by asaltydog

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