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Rec: [YoI] the merry-go-round of life, read by Utlaginn

It is 1998, and Yuri is dead.

—In which Yuri is a ghost, and Yuuri and Viktor are the grim reapers assigned to help him cross over before his soul fades away into nothingness.

Reccer Notes: This hit me right in the feels a couple of times. The worldbuilding is great, and all the characters care SO MUCH. Yuuri about Yuri, Victor about Yuuri, Yuri about his grandpa, Yuri’s grandpa about Yuri…. It’s really well built and at times super emotional.
And then you have Utlaginn’s reading which honest to god made me almost cry once or twice. There are some scenes which I shan’t spoil where you just… grieve along with the characters. And then other scenes that are quietly intense and their performance enhances that effect beautifully.
yuri!!!_on_ice  katsuki_yuuri/victor_nikiforov  momo_reccer  utlaginn_performer  01:00:00-01:30:00  podfic  teen_and_up 
7 weeks ago by podfic_love
podfic_love | [FMA] Social Time, read by SomethingIncorporeal
Summary: Van Hohenheim lets his sons take him to a bar in Central City.

Reccer Notes: Alphonse’s voice is probably my favourite part in this podfic, but the narration is a close second. When Ed’s gleeful, I can’t help but grin along, and Roy’s voice just hits the right tone of thoughtful, exasperated, and crisp - basically anything I associate with him and especially tierfal’s writing of him.
SomethingIncorporeal has a lovely warm voice that suits the entire tone of this story perfectly. It’s a lot of Hohenheim introspection and I just feel like SI’s voice is the thing that works best.
The performance is so lovely and soothing, it’s perfect for falling asleep to.
momo_reccer  fullmetal_alchemist  edward_elric/roy_mustang  somethingincorporeal_performer  00:45:00-1:00:00  teen_and_up  podfic 
8 weeks ago by podfic_love
podfic_love | [FMA] Sappily Ever After, read by RsCreighton & Somethingincorporeal
Summary: Ed and Roy are going to get married. At least theoretically speaking…

Rec Snippet: Reccer Notes: Hi, yes, I’m back again already, this time as a Small Fandom Reccer.
This podfic is hilarious. SomethingIncorporeal and RsCreighton do such a good job with this fluffy, funny piece by tierfal. Anyone who’s ever listened to a tierfal podfic, or read a tierfal fic knows that they’re great with dialogue and narration alike, so turning their work into podfic seems like a natural conclusion.
fullmetal_alchemist  edward_elric/roy_mustang  momo_reccer  rscreighton_performer  somethingincorporeal_performer  teen_and_up  01:30:00-02:00:00  podfic 
11 weeks ago by podfic_love
podfic_love | Life, Love, and Language by Hananobira
Summary: "Victor learns language through mimicry, hears phrases and repeats them back until the inflection becomes second nature. Yuuri seems to communicate best through euphemism, through metaphor, through talking around the subject rather than approaching it head on, and so Victor tries his best to mimic him, to take his words and echo them back.

Rec Snippet: Hananobira has created such a wonderful fic series guys! If you have lived abroad or enjoy thinking about languages and communication, whether or not you're a YOI fan I think this is a wonderful podfic series to listen to.
yuri!!!_on_ice  pi_reccer  hananobira_performer  02:00:00-02:30:00  katsuki_yuuri/victor_nikiforov  teen_and_up  podfic 
12 weeks ago by podfic_love
podfic_love | (Don't) Give a Damn by lunchee
Summary: "Mari, through the years."

Reccer Notes: This is one of my favorite Yuri on Ice podfics out there, and in a fandom with the amount of glorious podfic YOI has, that's saying something. Mari is a nice side character in the show and this fic, beautifully brought to life by Lunchee, gives me her life, her inner monologue, her story. Lunch is so impressive in this podfic able to balance Mari's wry humor and snark with her genuine love for her family and home. Particularly Lunchee's performance of crying bb!Mari was blue me away.
yuri!!!_on_ice  katsuki_yuuri/victor_nikiforov  01:00:00-01:30:00  pi_reccer  lunchee_performer  teen_and_up  podfic 
april 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: [FMA] Pawns, read by Rhea314
Summary: Al is flesh, Ed is retired, Winry is in love, and Roy is in jail. The Army wants all of them, willing or not, for a sinister purpose.

Rec Snippet: Rhea’s reading, however, is the thing that convinces you to keep going with this podfic, despite actually being the thing that makes it more intense. The performance is as excellent as you’d expect from them, complete with great pacing that allows you to really take in the words.
This is perfect for long travel because not only is the podfic long but also interesting and will keep you on the edge of your seat. Thus time will fly :)
momo_reccer  rhea314_performer  fullmetal_alchemist  edward_elric/roy_mustang  teen_and_up  07:30:00-10:00:00  podfic 
april 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Ordinary Numbers ready by kholly
Summary: "More than anything, Mike Taylor wanted to be ordinary. Being a genius, he learned early in life, meant people expected too much. A career at the MI6 Help Desk seemed the perfect way to guarantee a lifetime of obscurity, until he got a very unusual tech support call."

Rec Snippet: Reccer Notes: This podfic is a Q backstory piece and is both hilarious and fantastic. I accept this fic as my canon, particularly when voiced by kholly who does amazing work bringing out both the fun in this fic, and finding all the nuances of character emotion, whether wry amusement, panic, or affection. I found the podfic to be laugh-out-loud enjoyable, and I think it's a great piece regardless of if you're in Bond fandom.
pi_reccer  kholly_performer  james_bond  james_bond/q  teen_and_up  03:30:00-04:00:00  podfic 
april 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Made and Mended (fairy tale read by Jadesfire)
Summary: When the carriage drives away without her, Ella doesn't cry.
This Cinderella may not have a fairy godmother, but there are other ways to get to the balls.

Reccer Notes:

The story captured me because of the subtle psychology, the fear of getting caught, and the disbelief that anyone could actually want to help her without wanting something in return. Jadesfire's performance gave the whole story a subtle solemnity that made Ella's trials more real, and tangible, then they would have been if i was reading it off the page. Even thought I knew how the story would end I genuinely felt every small hardship, which of corse made the reward all the sweater.
velocitym1_reccer  jadesfire_performer  fairy_tales  teen_and_up  00:30:00-00:45:00  podfic 
april 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Shadows In Starlight (Star Wars, Ruroni Kenshin read by Opalsong)
Summary: What if Obi-Wan found more than the tractor beam's location in the Death
Star files?

Rec Snippet: The layers to this story-- the culture and interaction between the two universes was very enjoyable, and Opalsong did a great job voicing it. The way they voiced Kenshin put me right back into the Kenshin universe despite not having interacted with that fandom/cannon in quite a while.
star_wars  ruroni_kenshin  obi-wan_kenobi  himura_kenshin  kamiya_kaoru  sagara_sanosuke  myoujin_yahiko  kakani_megumi  qui-gon_jinn  opalsong_performer  velocitym1_reccer  15:00:00-20:00:00  teen_and_up  podfic 
april 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Aromantic Fairy Tales (fairy tales read by KeeperofSeeds )
Summary: Short retelling of classic fairy tales if the princess was aromantic.

Rec: Okay, this podfic holds a special place in my heart, and I'm not counting it as a self rec because OMG KeeperofSeeds, How Did You Even?!?!?
I wrote this small collection intending it to be a mixed bag of minimalist stories. Glimpses, into the changes because we all know the stories. KeeperofSeeds took it and gave it, a subtlety weight that had me holding my breath for each new line.
velocitym1_reccer  keeperofseeds_performer  fairy_tales  gen_fanwork  snow_white  aurora  cinderella  belle  jasmine  teen_and_up  00:10:00-00:20:00  podfic 
march 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: [Merlin BBC] Pairing Pendragon/Merlin by Lunchee
Summary: Arthur is a BNF and Merlin is his prized beta.

Rec Snippet: Lunchee is one of my favourite podficcers out there for a reason. She always manages to inject so much personality into her work and this fic is one of my favourites of hers for that exact reason. First of all, this fic lends itself PERFECTLY to the podfic format because of how much multi media content there is in it. Lunchee goes to town with sound effects, keyboard sounds, hilarious music for LJ posts and PINGS for email notifications and it makes the entire experiences 10 times more immersive and amazing.
merlin  merlin/arthur_pendragon  teen_and_up  02:30:00-03:00:00  misssnowfox_reccer  lunchee_performer  podfic 
march 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Star Wars: Mission Report: Operation Sidestream by bessyboo
Summary: Agents arrived on schedule and successfully took up residence at the resort. On the first day of the mission, the Happy Blasters made contact and negotiations began. On the third day all three agents in addition to the Happy Blasters were forcibly escorted from the premises of the resort. Mission was a nominal success.

Rec Snippet: The story switches between the different characters and [archiveofourown.org profile] bessyboo has incredible command over the different perspectives! Leia is commanding and competent, Han is confident and impulsive, and Luke is still kind of innocent (no matter what he says) - each voice is perfectly expressed. Every character beat is infused with personality: there is a part where Leia says 'Agent Solo' with such derision, where [personal profile] bessyboo elongates the 'Agent' so that I can practically hear the air quotes around the word. An A+ enjoyable podfic.
star_wars  han_solo  leia_organa  luke_skywalker  gen_fanwork  teen_and_up  knight_tracer_reccer  bessyboo_performer  00:20:00-00:30:00  podfic 
february 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: DCU: Sister Knows Best by Reena_Jenkins
Summary: Jason is amused whenever she says he's the little brother. Cass is pretty sure she's got at least a month on him. Also being dead doesn't count. Either way, Cass is claiming big sister-hood. It's not like anyone can stop her.

Rec: This podfic is amazing! [personal profile] reena_jenkins's Cassandra is truly delightful, Cassandra's intense commitment and devotion to her plan comes across incredibly well. There is also a really beautiful nuance to how Cassandra interprets the world and her relationship towards language. [personal profile] reena_jenkins hesitates over certain words, speeds up others, and changes the intonation in a really interesting way that conveys the fractured nature of Cassandra's thought processes. Also, Batfamily and family feels! [personal profile] reena_jenkins executes the full cast of characters flawlessly.
knight_tracer_reccer  reena_jenkins_performer  dcu  00:30:00-00:45:00  tim_drake/jason_todd  cassandra_cain  teen_and_up  podfic 
february 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Rivers of London: Healing Waters by sisi_rambles
Summary: An American genius loci in London.

Rec Snippet: Annie (aka Animas, tributary of the San Juan and Colorado River) is a brilliantly well-realised character and [archiveofourown.org profile] sisi_rambles brings her to life beautifully. Her personality really shines through in the reading. The performance highlights all the emotions she goes through when dealing with the pollution of her river: her frustration and anger and helplessness, her wonder at meeting Mama Thames, her ultimate resolve to return. Mama Thames' big mentorship speech comes across as so inspiring, it's easy to see why Annie would react the way she does.
rivers_of_london  mama_thames/original_female_character  originally_reccer  sisi_rambles_performer  teen_and_up  00:10:00-00:20:00  podfic 
february 2018 by podfic_love
podfic_love | crust and sugar over by Opalsong
Summary: Katsuki sits cross-legged, clearly in no hurry to go anywhere. “What’s your name? I’m –”

“I know who you are,” he cuts him off, then blushes, then hates himself for both those things. Katsuki looks surprised, and Yuri can’t think as to why. He’s a nationally ranked figure skater. He’s Yuri’s favorite figure skater.


Yuuri and Yuri become friends and Viktor develops a crush.

Rec: I cannot even BEGIN to describe how much I loved this podfic. I normally look for stories that are very OTP-ish, but 75% of this story focuses on a deep friendship between Yuuri and Yurio. Instead of them being low-key rivals in the show, Yurio is a moody 13-year old skater who develops a bond with Yuuri through skating. This is a well-written story that is expertly performed by Opalsong. The podfic is so powerful that, at one point, I said out loud, "Wow. I would never have believed that line on paper, but Opal DID THAT."
yuri!!!_on_ice  katsuki_yuuri/victor_nikiforov  04:00:00-04:30:00  analise010_reccer  opalsong_performer  podfic  teen_and_up 
february 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: bandom (mcr) : i still remember how i made you feel by jiksa
Summary: Frank has been working on this song for fucking ever, and he just wants it done.

Rec Snippet: Her performance of this story, with all of the subtle currents of emotions swirling between the characters, is simply perfect. There is so much unspoken in this story, Frank's silent struggle in the aftermath of the band break-up, his prickly defensiveness, trying to keep Gerard at arm's length and knowing that it's a doomed effort, Gerard's earnest openness in wanting the best for Frank, and his deviousness. [archiveofourown.org profile] Jiksa bring all of this and so much more to her performance, and it blows me away with her understanding and performance of the nuances of this story.
bandom  frank_iero/gerard_way  frank_iero/jamia_nestor  lindsey_ballato/gerard_way  akamine_chan_reccer  jiksa_x_performer  teen_and_up  00:10:00-00:20:00  podfic 
january 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: 2001: A Space Odyssey: Turing Test, read by Luzula
Summary: In space nobody can hear you.

Rec Snippet: There is a cold detachment to this story and Luzula does an excellent job of conveying that dispassion in the read. This is all science, psychology, and reason - until it's not. There is a point in the reading when the pieces start to fit together and this all becomes a slow rolling horror story (if you're a human) / or the inevitable, what really should have happened, conclusion to the original movie.
2001_space_odyssey  hal_9000  jinkyo_reccer  luzula_performer  teen_and_up  00:10:00-00:20:00  podfic  gen_fanwork 
january 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Mythology - Inuit, High Tide read by Luzula
Summary: Sedna lay face up to the falling snow. She looked up with eyes that never closed. A crab scuttled across a wide eye, but she did not blink. She had lost that trick.

Rec: Reccer Notes: This is a short story within a story that circles back on itself - with a touch of lyrical poetry. Luzula has taken a somewhat untraditional story form and created a podfic that conjures a sense of cold and wonder. The two distinct parts of the story are interwoven in a way that the listener just rides the icy waves of it to find out how the "girl who was me" became Sedna, an Inuit goddess of the sea.
inuit_mythology  jinkyo_reccer  luzula_performer  sedna  teen_and_up  00:00:00-00:10:00  podfic 
january 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: [BBC Merlin] As Long As We Have We, read by akikotree
Summary: Arthur thinks he's going to have to spend Christmas alone--at least until he somehow acquires a whole house full of strays.

Rec Snippet: This podfic doesn’t have any special bells or whistles in the form of sound effects or music, and it doesn’t need it because akikotree’s voice does all the work. A wonderfully read story, well-paced and full of fun and affection. A definite winner for the holidays!
momo_reccer  akikotree_performer  merlin  merlin/arthur_pendragon  teen_and_up  01:30:00-02:00:00  podfic 
january 2018 by podfic_love
Rec: Hockey RPF: Still and Again by ofjustimagine
Summary: "I know," Claude says. "I feel like shit; I know." And it's true: this isn't his first concussion, and it won't be his last, but none of that explains why he constantly feels worried when he's not, and none of that explains why Briere is here, or why he's sitting so far away.

Or, the trope mash-up where Claude gets hit a little too hard and forgets all about Danny and their soul bond.

Rec Snippet: Ofjustimagine has an (enviable) ability to load their narrative voice with emotion, and in my opinion, nowhere in their catalogue is it showcased better than in this pod. It's read from the POV of the character affected by amnesia, and we get to hear every note of his shock and confusion at the beginning, his frustration as he tries to understand the nature of his bond, the love reflected back to him through it.
hockey_rpf  danny_briere/claude_giroux  teen_and_up  05:00:00-07:30:00  frecklebombfic_reccer  ofjustimagine_performer  podfic 
december 2017 by podfic_love

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