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Your Camera Already Has the Most Important Feature
There is something all-newcomer photographers tend to do: they either dream of camera gear or buy a lot of it. When I started in photography I went through the same thing. I thought that I needed all the lenses that my idols used. I believed I needed the highest megapixel camera, with all the video features just in case a potential client wanted video. But over time, with age came wisdom.
The amateur compensates with the many, where the master relies on the few. One camera, one lens, one light, focusing on the moment. Capturing what matters instead of focusing on the gear, giving attention to the photograph being framed.
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2 days ago by rgl7194
Being inspired about the future by and at feels like being at a event,…
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7 days ago by steinermatt
7 TED Talks to Make You a Better Social Media Marketer
TED Talks are a great way to learn about new developments in your industry and smarter ways of working. I spent 10 hours hunting down the best TED Talks for social media marketers—so you don’t have to.
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7 days ago by leehopkins
Yuval Noah Harari @ TED: Why fascism is so tempting – and how your data could power it

Yuval Noah Harari (Eine kurzen Geschichte der Menschheit, Homo Deus) über Faschismus powered by Data.

In a profound talk about technology and power, author and historian Yuval Noah Harari explains the important difference between fascism and nationalism -- and what the consolidation of our data means for the future of democracy. Appearing as a hologram live from Tel Aviv, Harari warns that the greatest danger that now faces liberal democracy is that the revolution in information technology will make dictatorships more efficient and capable of control. "The enemies of liberal democracy hack our feelings of fear and hate and vanity, and then use these feelings to polarize and destroy," Harari says. "It is the responsibility of all of us to get to know our weaknesses and make sure they don't become weapons." (Followed by a brief conversation with TED curator Chris Anderson)
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13 days ago by walt74
Yeah! She did it! Great talk on allyship and Inclusion in tech at
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15 days ago by brianr
Brett Hennig: What if we replaced politicians with randomly selected people? | TED Talk
If you think democracy is broken, here's an idea: let's replace politicians with randomly selected people. Author and activist Brett Hennig presents a compelling case for sortition democracy, or random selection of government officials -- a system with roots in ancient Athens that taps into the wisdom of the crowd and entrusts ordinary people with making balanced decisions for the greater good of everyone. Sound crazy? Learn more about how it could work to create a world free of partisan politics.
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15 days ago by kogakure

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