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Susan David: The gift and power of emotional courage | TED Talk
Psychologist Susan David shares how the way we deal with our emotions shapes everything that matters: our actions, careers, relationships, health and happiness. In this deeply moving, humorous and potentially life-changing talk, she challenges a culture that prizes positivity over emotional truth and discusses the powerful strategies of emotional agility. A talk to share.
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4 days ago by BiteSize77
RT : La pregunta del milió... Quina diferència hi ha entre i ? Ens ho explica en el vídeo que i…
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4 days ago by deckard67
Should emotions be taught in schools? |
Our unresolved, unacknowledged feelings can lead us into anxiety, arguments and worse. Some educators believe it’s time to give our kids emotional instruction along with their ABCs.
emotions  education  futureofeducation  work  futureofwork  ted 
5 days ago by jorgebarba
Why we need to create AI that thinks in ways we can’t even imagine |
We usually think of AI as faster and better versions of human brains, but if we want technology to progress by leads and bounds, we must make AI that is like nothing else on Earth, says digital visionary Kevin Kelly.
artificialintelligence  ted 
5 days ago by jorgebarba
4 thought-provoking questions to spark conversation |
We’re on the brink of a future beyond what we can fathom — a future with driverless cars, designer babies, intelligent robots, and digital doppelgangers. Who will you choose to be in that future? How will it change you?
ethics  genetics  transportation  ted 
5 days ago by jorgebarba
Can you teach a computer to be funny? |
Here’s one example of a machine-generated joke: “Why did the chicken cross the road? To see the punchline.” Learn about the work that scientists are doing to make AI more LOL.
artificialintelligence  humor  ted 
5 days ago by jorgebarba
Where in the world is the most advanced e-government? Estonia. |
This tiny republic has the most startups per person and the fastest broadband speeds, and it offers something no other country does: e-residency. Estonia is aiming to create the ideal information society. Technology thinker and entrepreneur Andrew Keen goes there to find out how it works.
estonia  europe  Internet  ted  government 
5 days ago by jorgebarba
Guy Winch - <실연으로 상처입은 마음을 회복하는 방법> 이 강연도 펀치라인이 많다. 특히 평상시에 어려움을 헤쳐나가는데는 도움이 되는 자질도 실연했을 때는 오히려 고통을 심하게 만든다는 대…
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