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Bootiful Google Cloud Platform
"We'll introduce a number of projects we've been working on, including: Spring Cloud Sleuth integration to send trace data to Stackdriver Trace, Spring Data for Cloud Spanner to quickly access globally distributed Spanner database with Object Relational Mapping, Spring Integration channel adapters for Cloud Pub/Sub to use with Spring Messaging, Spring Boot Starters for Google Cloud SQL to quickly connect to managed MySQL or PostgreSQL databases, and Spring Resource abstraction for Cloud Storage to inject shared file resources. In this session, we'll show how to build cloud native applications with Spring on Google Cloud Platform."
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7 weeks ago by egrajeda
Using online search to research a looking at perceived differences between & . Seri…
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june 2018 by oliver.turner
RT : deadline is tomorrow, Feb 28th! Still time to submit your .
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february 2018 by kakutani
RubyKaigi 2018 CFP
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february 2018 by kakutani
Home | Laws of UX
Laws of UX is a collection of the key maxims that designers must consider when building user interfaces.
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january 2018 by rolfvanroot
Snappic - Facebook and Instagram Retargeting Ads
Instagram and Facebook retargeting ads platform for e-commerce - drive better results with our social optimized creative - chosen by hundreds of businesses
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january 2018 by rolfvanroot

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