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Varnish HTTP Cache — Varnish HTTP Cache
"Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy."
Designed for FreeBSD, high perf dependency on malloc and pthreads implementations.
Varnish stores data in virtual memory and leaves the task of deciding what is stored in memory and what gets paged out to disk to the operating system. This helps avoid the situation where the operating system starts caching data while it is moved to disk by the application.
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10 weeks ago by jojobong
Explaining Blockchain with Scrabble - VICE Video: Documentaries, Films, News Videos
a way of two parties who don't know or trust each other to agree about the state of a system (e.g. who has what money)
decentralised trust via cryptography, replacing bank
arranged from start to end, only add to end
scrabble words hard to find but easy to verify
a word in scrabble is like a block in the blockchain
rate of change is used as measure of difficulty
each block includes the hash of the preceeding block
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11 weeks ago by jojobong
Paper Sizes and Formats, the Difference Between A4 and Letter
ISO 216
"The most convenient and distinguishing characteristic of ISO paper is that each format has an aspect ratio equal to the square root of two (1:4142) which makes it simple to enlarge or reduce a document for printing on another ISO paper format"

"The basis for the whole system is the A0 format which has an area of one square meter... with an aspect ratio equal to the square root of two.."
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october 2017 by jojobong
Cluster HAT - Pimoroni
he Cluster HAT interfaces a (Controller) Raspberry Pi A+/B+/2/3 with 4 Raspberry Pi Zeros (NOT included).
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december 2016 by jojobong
Wearable payments...? Acquired by fitbit
december 2016 by jojobong
Sessions - Strange Loop
Some REALLY interesting talks
Sept 2015
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october 2015 by jojobong
Replay: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Rants About Cloud Computing - John Paczkowski - News - AllThingsD
“The interesting thing about cloud computing is that we’ve redefined cloud computing to include everything that we already do,” Ellison said.
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april 2015 by jojobong

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