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Phone-hacking scandal: Jonathan Rees obtained information using dark arts | Media | The Guardian
There's always a certain bleak pleasure in having your most tin foil hat wearing conspiranoid delusions vindicated
darkarts  technosocial  society  paranoia  technology  ideas 
july 2011 by madebypick
People Staring at Computers | F.A.T.
@FFFFFAT's People Staring at Computers, in which pervasive social app narcissism becomes esc-key scrambling panicbomb
ideas  technosocial  art  hacks  design  code 
july 2011 by madebypick
The Internet is Filling Up With Dead People And There's Nothing We Can Do About It - Technology Review
Nice piece by @mims on algorithmic faux-pas, technosocially regurgitated data ghosts and the fetid stench of death
ideas  technosocial  web  death 
july 2011 by madebypick

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