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Toward a Constructive Technology Criticism - Columbia Journalism Review
A nice, even-handed discussion of tech critique as well as technomessianism.
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april 2018 by dsalo
Announcement & Call for Submissions: Big Data for Gender Challenge - Data2x
Or you could. I don't know. TALK TO AN ACTUAL LIVING BREATHING WOMAN instead of surveilling millions.
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june 2017 by dsalo
The Humbling of a Would-Be Disruptor - Administration - The Chronicle of Higher Education
You can't bring tech-mediated education to people on the wrong side of digital divides. WHOODATHUNKIT.
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november 2013 by dsalo
ReadWrite DeathWatch: One Laptop Per Child
OLPC doesn't work. Ockerbloom: "education by airdrop." A certain amount of scaffolding seems necessary before learners can make the leap.
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october 2012 by dsalo

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