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5 Trends Emerge in the Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2018 - Smarter With Gartner
Trend #4: Transparently immersive experiences

Technology, such as that seen in smart workspaces, is increasingly human-centric, blurring the lines between people, businesses and things, and extending and enabling a smarter living, work and life experience. In a smart workspace, electronic whiteboards can better capture meeting notes, sensors will help deliver personalized information depending on employee location, and office supplies can interact directly with IT platforms.

On the home front, connected homes will interlink devices, sensors, tools and platforms that learn from how humans use their house. Increasingly intelligent systems allow for contextualized and personalized experiences.
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august 2018 by JohnDrake
Cannes Interview: Christopher Nolan - Film Comment
There’s something else that’s very important. Technology—actually I don’t call it technology . . . the medium of film as it existed in 1968 was vastly superior to what we have now. And you have to put up a presentation like this for people to understand, because they just don’t believe you otherwise. With analog film there’s an emotional involvement to the material, there’s a depth and there’s an openness to your relationship to the imagery and to the narrative. I mean, I can tell you with absolute certainty that if we had screened a DCP [Digital Cinema Package] last night [the presentation] would not have had that response. I know that in my bones. I know that it was about the freshness of the experience, it was about the emotional content. A lot of the information is thrown away when you digitize. In sound terms it’s overtones and subtones—things that you can’t consciously hear. An analog medium has all kinds of complicated cross-talk between the different frequencies of information that you’re getting, which have a particular character to them. We are finally waking up to the fact that our new systems are inadequate compared to the photo cameras. They do something different. [Digital] solved a lot of problems we had before with the wear and tear on prints, and it was a tremendous step forward in terms of consistency in presentation. But I call it the McDonald’s approach—and I’m a fan of McDonald’s. Everything is the same. It’s not Michelin-starred fine cuisine. You’re bringing everything down to a consistent level, but it’s well below what movies can be. And that’s what last night was about. Y
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may 2018 by JohnDrake
Levi's jeans will be broken in with lasers — Quartzy
“The beautiful thing that we like about jeans, whether we realize it or not, is the contrast in the seams,” he explains.

“What we love about denim, whether we realize it or not, is all the high-lows, the ropiness of the seams, the texture,” he says. “The thing that we’ve gone all-in on now is we’ve placed on ourselves the constraint that we will drive all these different finish attributes only with the laser file. That led us to the need for a tool, and as Liz said, there’s a lot of digital tools out there but none of them look like this on denim.”
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march 2018 by JohnDrake
Ursula K. Le Guin: A Rant About "Technology"
We have been so desensitized by a hundred and fifty years of ceaselessly expanding technical prowess that we think nothing less complex and showy than a computer or a jet bomber deserves to be called "technology " at all. As if linen were the same thing as flax — as if paper, ink, wheels, knives, clocks, chairs, aspirin pills, were natural objects, born with us like our teeth and fingers -- as if steel saucepans with copper bottoms and fleece vests spun from recycled glass grew on trees, and we just picked them when they were ripe...
One way to illustrate that most technologies are, in fact, pretty "hi," is to ask yourself of any manmade object, Do I know how to make one?
Anybody who ever lighted a fire without matches has probably gained some proper respect for "low" or "primitive" or "simple" technologies; anybody who ever lighted a fire with matches should have the wits to respect that notable hi-tech invention.
I don't know how to build and power a refrigerator, or program a computer, but I don't know how to make a fishhook or a pair of shoes, either. I could learn. We all can learn. That's the neat thing about technologies. They're what we can learn to do.
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january 2018 by JohnDrake
Center for Design Innovation
Most directly, about a third of the way in he talks about how whenever a new medium is introduced we fall back to old ways and known habits with how we use it. Many forget this but it took people an entire decade of watching TV to understand how to use it beyond just being radio with a video camera turned on. All new mediums take time to figure out how to maximize their potential---this is especially hard in an American culture of immediacy, growth obsession, and earnings reports.
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july 2017 by JohnDrake
The Connected Car Opportunity - eMarketer
Connected Cars will grow from 10% to 70% of car shipments by 2020.

While there is some consumer demand, the push to adopt more sophisticated features is being driven by manufacturers and tech companies seeking to differentiate themselves and expand revenue opportunities.
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june 2017 by JohnDrake
This $1,500 Toaster Oven Is Everything That's Wrong With Silicon Valley Design | Co.Design | business + design
This salmon had become more distracting to babysit than if I’d just cooked it on my own. This salmon had become a metaphor for Silicon Valley itself. Automated yet distracting. Boastful yet mediocre. Confident yet wrong. Most of all, the June is a product built less for you, the user, and more for its own ever-impending perfection as a platform. When you cook salmon wrong, you learn about cooking it right. When the June cooks salmon wrong, its findings are uploaded, aggregated, and averaged into a June database that you hope will allow all June ovens to get it right the next time. Good thing the firmware updates are installed automatically.
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november 2016 by JohnDrake
What’s lost when telephone calls disappear.
The tinkle of human laughter, perhaps the sweetest sound on Earth, is entirely absent in texting, replaced by a depressingly pro forma “LOL” whose sincerity is always subject to doubt. Indeed, texting is a superb medium for telling lies. You have plenty of time to think through how to frame your deception, and the person you’re lying to will never hear the catch in your throat. Texting is an even better medium for passive rejection, or “ghosting.”
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september 2016 by JohnDrake
The death of the high school dance | New York Post
“Kids don’t need to go to a dance to interact with each other when they can sit in their bed with their laptop and phone and text them,” she said. “It’s basically like being with that person. You don’t have to show up to a dance hoping to see someone anymore. You can literally Snapchat them and see them on Snapchat.”
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march 2014 by JohnDrake
Altimeter’s Take: The Technologies That Matter from SXSW 2013
Complete run down of new technology with watch, experiment, invest and ignore tags. Note QR Codes to Near Field Communications, 3D printing
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march 2013 by JohnDrake
Data Points: Hitting the Reset Button | Adweek
Good infographics Career defines who I am: 29% I don't always want to be contacted 63% / I want access wherever I go 41% Most trust: doctors
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february 2013 by JohnDrake
Why the first laptop had such a hard time catching on [Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic]
This is an amazing fact. We had this product. It was designed for business executives. And the biggest obstacle, one of the biggest obstacles, we had for selling the product was the fact -- believe it or not -- that it had a keyboard. I was in sales and marketing. I saw this first-hand. At that time, 1982, business people, who were in their 40s and 50s, did not have any computer or keyboard in their offices. And it was associated with being part of the secretarial pool or the word processing (remember that industry?) department. And so you'd put this thing in their office and they'd say, "Get that out of here." It was like getting a demotion. They really were uncomfortable with it.

The second reason they were uncomfortable with it is that none of them knew how to type. And it wasn't like they said, "Oh, I'll have to learn how to type." They were very afraid -- I saw this first-hand -- they were very afraid of appearing inept. Like, "You give me this thing, and I'm gonna push the wrong keys. I'm gonna fail."
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september 2012 by ouroboros
CHART OF THE DAY: Global PC Shipments By Manufacturer - Business Insider
PC shipments are stagnant. According to Gartner, worldwide PC shipments in Q2 were basically flat, declining -0.1 percent from last year. PC shipments have grown only 5 percent since the second quarter of 2010, when the iPad was introduced.

There are 4 reasons on this post
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july 2012 by JohnDrake
Hype Cycle Research Methodology | Gartner Inc.
Chart and explanation of how new technology moves into society
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november 2011 by JohnDrake
E-Readers Still Beat Tablets Among the Wealthy | Digital - Advertising Age
Affluent: high mass media, high social networking, lower index tech gadgets, twitter
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september 2011 by JohnDrake

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