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Phys. Rev. X 4, 041033 (2014) - Anisotropic Complementary Acoustic Metamaterial for Canceling out Aberrating Layers
This suggest the possibility of putting a helmet on the head of a person to ultrasound the inside of a skull, which is currently not possible. Which would avoid needing MRI/CT scanning.
metamaterial  ultrasound  materials  science  acoustics  research  technology  medicine  health 
yesterday by asteroza
Daimler, Bosch to deploy self-driving taxis in U.S.
Daimler and auto supplier Robert Bosch will deploy self-driving taxis in California's Silicon Valley region next year as part of a test program of vehicles designed for city driving, the two companies said on Tuesday.
daimler  technology  selfdriving 
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the Ministry of Amnesia – Snakes and Ladders
Between the wrath and fear and the subsequent soothing, who can remember what happened last week, much less ten years ago? Silicon Valley serves the global capitalist order as its Ministry of Amnesia. “What is it I was so concerned about?”
economics  technology 
yesterday by cjmcnamara
Toyota Launches Honolulu Car-Sharing Service - The Drive
The service, called Hui, will give Hawaiians access to 70 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, all reservable through a smartphone app. The mix of models includes the Toyota Prius, Prius Prime, and Camry (in pseudo-sporty XSE trim), and the Lexus RX 350. Hui is operated by Service Pacific, Toyota's Hawaiian distributor, and the app was developed by Toyota Connected North America, a tech-focused business unit of the automaker.
toyotac  toyota  lexus  technology  carsharing 
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Volvo Launches New Mobility Brand |
Named M, the new brand offers a updated take on car-sharing.
volvo  technology  carsharing 
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These 4 Brands Are Thriving at Defining Moments – Adweek
Every auto brand has apps designed to assist car customers in one way or another, but Audi provides a particularly strong example because its mobile tools are dynamically helpful. Its features enable calling for roadside assistance when the user needs a jumpstart, tire change or towing while providing the location, phone number and hours of nearby service centers. These instances are actually defining moments that can cause brand affinity to go south, but instead, these features offer a sense of comfort and a helping hand during a potentially frustrating time. Audi has its customers’ backs.
vwc  audi  technology  infotainment 
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Mitsubishi Bets People Will Reveal Their Driving Habits to Insurers—For a Freebie - WSJ
Mitsubishi Motors Corp. is trying a novel approach to get more American car owners interested in sharing driving data with auto insurers: $10 off an oil change.

The Japanese car maker has debuted a game-like interface to entice more of its vehicle owners in the U.S. to sign up for a smartphone app that relays digital data on driving habits to insurers, starting last month with State Auto Insurance Companies. In return, drivers earn virtual “badges” for good road manners such as staying within speed limits and avoiding sudden stops over certain periods of time and miles traveled.
mitsubishi  finance  technology  infotainment 
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Art + Tech Miniconf videos
Videos from Kris Howard's Art + TEch miniconf at in 2018
art  technology  video  conference 
yesterday by gilmae

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