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How to prepare your Mac when you’re ready to sell it — Apple World Today
With the fairly recent announcements about the new Mac mini and MacBook Air, you may be considering splurging on some of the new hardware. If you’re getting ready to sell your current Mac, you should make sure all your data is off of it before turning it over to another person. To do this, make sure that all of your data is backed up, then sign out of everything.
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4 hours ago by RedWolf
Reading Strategies for Coping With Information Overload ca. 1550-1700 (Ann Blair)
By 1685 the situation seemed absolutely
dire to Adrien Baillet, who warned:
We have reason to fear that the multitude of books which grows every
day in a prodigious fashion will make the following centuries fall into
a state as barbarous as that of the centuries that followed the fall of the
Roman Empire. Unless we try to prevent this danger by separating
those books which we must throw out or leave in oblivion from those
which one should save and within the latter between what is useful and
what is not.2
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13 hours ago by mayonissen
Help me “photophoretic-trap volumetric displays.” You’re our only hope. - Science in the News
Anyone who has seen Star Wars envisions the future of visual displays as “holograms,” where 3D objects materialize out of light in thin air. However, anyone who has looked at a true hologram will likely have been disappointed at the reality. Not only does the image not pop out in its full glorious 3-dimensions in front of you, but the object is typically only visible from a narrow range of angles. Researchers at Brigham Young University (BYU) have developed a far more true-to-science-fiction display that is described as a “3D-printed light image.”
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14 hours ago by olanthanide
How to create a secure podcast channel for internal podcasting | New Media in Motion
The ten steps of creating a secure podcast channel:

Take an account with a reliable hosting service which offers password protected directories. I’m not providing any ‘reliable hosting service-lists’ since you can find these plenty on the internet. Make sure that you have sufficient storage and bandwidth.
In your home directory, create two folders: one for the files (video/audio) and one for the XML file.
Password protect the folder with the files. Do not password protect the folder with the XML file.
Upload your content via FTP to your files directory.
Fire up your feed creation software. I use Feeder for that (Mac only, I’m sure Windows has similar programs too). Create your feed. This may require some setting and filling in the right paths where to find the content.
Upload your XML feed via the software to the unprotected folder in your host directory.
Check if your feed works. Copy and paste the feed address in your browser. If all went OK you should get a pop-up window asking for your username/password when you want to access the content.
Now it’s time to make sure you will have the same feed till the end of days. Go to and burn your just created feed into a Feedburner feed.
Take this feedburner feed (starting with[feedname] and check if it works in your browser. Again you should see a pop-up window asking for your username/password. Fill in your credentials. You should be able to see your content
Copy and paste the Feedburner feed into iTunes (Menu Advanced/Subscribe to podcast…). Hit OK. Fill in your username/password and off you go (remember to check ‘Remember Password’)
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19 hours ago by astrogirl

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