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Don't Be Evil
The New Communalists believed that the micro-world was where politics happened. If we could just build a better micro-world, we could live by example to create a better world for the whole. I think that's wrong. Our challenge is to build a world that takes responsibility for people not like ourselves.
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30 minutes ago by soobrosa
Hawaii missile false alarm due to badly designed user interface, reports say
In the days since the alert, HEMA has made a number of tweaks to the computer system to prevent a repeat of the error. It has added a “cancellation button”, allowing users to send a second alert over the same system that notifies recipients that the first was a false alarm. On Saturday, sending that second “false alarm” alert required extraordinary permission, delaying it for 38 minutes.
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2 hours ago by terry
Descartes in the Matrix – UC Berkeley Comparative Literature Undergraduate Journal
Now, let’s say we are in the Matrix. (Realists, bear with me.) We don’t know whether reality is actually reality, which is worrisome, because it might mean that we don’t know anything at all. We might not even be capable of knowing things, period. But Descartes has a solution! (Sort of.) His answer to the question of what he can know for certain does exist is (spoiler alert) Cogito ergo sum–I think, therefore I am. If thinking is happening, there has to be someone (namely me) that’s doing the thinking. Even if I have no idea whether reality exists as I know it, I can know that I exist. So there you have it. Solace in the Matrix: reality might not exist, but you sure do.
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3 hours ago by corrales
Here Comes Another Bubble v1.1 - The Richter Scales
Funny video about the tech stock bubble around 2007.

Via Bryan Cantrill on Twitter.
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5 hours ago by jefframnani
Apple Fast Charging: What's Needed
Products needed to fast-charge the iPhone X and 8/8 Plus.
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8 hours ago by dmetzcher

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