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What is Computational Design? – Computational Design
Computational Design is a change in the medium of design expression from geometry to logic.
Design  computational-design  process  Technology  Reference  Article  introduction 
2 hours ago by rasagy
MacKenzie Bezos and the Myth of the Lone Genius Founder | WIRED
“Both historically and today, it takes a lot more ‘proof’ for a woman to claim competence, importance, and intelligence—something we see powerfully played out on the national political stage every day, from Hillary Clinton to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez,” says Marie Hicks, a technology historian and the author of Programmed Inequality: How Britain Discarded Women Technologists and Lost Its Edge In Computing. “It seeps into how we talk about women associated with tech on an everyday basis, whether it's at work, at school, online, or in the media.”
gender  technology 
yesterday by craniac
Ethel Mairet: A Pioneer of Weaving Technology | Lady Science on Patreon
For some, technology may conjure up images of circuit boards and steel rooms full of male engineers at machines. This masculinized space is often pitted against its presumed antithesis — the warm, domestic, and feminized world of craft. But this notion of technology divorced from art and craft is of relatively recent origin. Ethel Mairet’s practice, dependent on chemistry, botany and biology, shows that the two categories cannot so neatly be parsed apart. Craft once held a central place in discourses on technology.
craft  feminism  science  textiles  technology  historyofscience 
yesterday by madamim
SOLIDteknics USA
Makers of fancy pants wrought iron skillets (behave like a higher performance cast iron with less weight), and now some sort of wrought monobloc ferritie non-nickel stainless steel pans with very high heat conductivity. Hrm, I wonder if the stainless they are using has any relation to the new specialist stainless available now, such as the stainless being used for SpaceX's starship...
cooking  pan  skillet  stainless  steel  wrought  iron  high  performance  conductivity  materials  science  research  technology  monobloc  non-pressed 
yesterday by asteroza
Why SoftBank's Masayoshi Son is Silicon Valley's power broker
As Facebook and Google have demonstrated, machines take on the attributes of their makers. Algorithms, software, and networks all have biases, and Son likes to bet on founders who remind him of himself, or at least share his ideals. Son’s values, then, will become our own, dictating the direction of this machine-powered world.
regimes  technology 
yesterday by zryb
Why (I think) "Cost of Living" pay for remote workers is BS
“Does anyone honestly think that a studio apartment in Palo Alto is the same quality of life as a studio apartment in Sheldon, Iowa?”
work  labor  economics  business  money  technology  remotework 
yesterday by mbrubeck

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