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No, la techno non è "tutta uguale" - VICE
Dopo l'assurdo caso di plagio del padre della techno Jeff Mills c'è un motivo in più per credere che la techno sia "un bumbumbum tutto uguale", ma la verità è un'altra.
Noisey  music  techno 
3 days ago by thx1138
11 Tracks That Define The Sound Of Canonical Berlin Techno Party Grounded Theory – Telekom Electronic Beats

is definitely one of the tracks that shaped a new, raw direction for techno at the time. I like that it is a hard track, but also very groovy and reduced
electronicBeats  techno  music 
5 days ago by thx1138
The Bunk Police
Leaders in Test Kits, Research & Innovation. Promoting health and safety within the electronic music community (EDM). Volunteers and staff provide test kits to partygoers especially at major EDM events, but work undercover as they are unwelcome by promoters. Bunk Police test kits test for hundreds of chemicals, and some of them might be used by DanceSafe.
narcotics  testing  techno  festival  health  prevention  abuse  safety 
6 days ago by chrismyth
Parrish Smith wil over al je grenzen heen gaan - artikelen - 3voor12
Een bewuste keuze, want in principe had hij ook de mogelijkheid om bij trip te blijven. ‘Maar dat wilde ik niet. Ik wilde juist mijn eigen pad volgen, mijn eigen stijl ontwikkelen. via Pocket
pocket  interview  music  parrish.smith  techno 
8 days ago by jburkunk
Fugitive Disruption: Giant Swan Talk | The Ransom Note
Witnessing Giant Swan perform live is akin to observing two stoners go feral, a spectacular blur of LED lights, lank hair and feverish, shirtless immoderation.
music  techno 
14 days ago by thx1138
Giant Swan on perfecting the art of chaos - The Face
We catch the Raf Simons-approved Bristolian punk-techno duo before a sweaty show in Lisbon.
music  techno 
14 days ago by thx1138
The Quietus | Features | Escape Velocity | Weird Wares: An Interview With Giant Swan
A new rock music and pop culture website. Editorial independent music website offering news, reviews, features, interviews, videos and pictures
music  techno 
14 days ago by thx1138
Promoting health and safety within the electronic music community (EDM). Volunteers and staff provide services to partygoers especially at major EDM events, when invited by the promoter. They can test drugs for fentanyl and other adulterants, as well as helping victims and promoting safe practices.
techno  music  festival  health  narcotics  prevention  abuse  safety  testing 
22 days ago by chrismyth
Process: ‘Stoicism’ on Vimeo
A demonstration of the process behind 'Stoicism', released Aug 21 2019 on Spatial Cues. All sounds heard in the EP’s five original tracks are generated with the software instrument TRK-01 by Native Instruments. In this video, a new track is drafted based on the EP's underlying paradigm.
techno  production 
4 weeks ago by meeb

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