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When you have a strong strategy, all your effort work better for you.…
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5 days ago by jhill5
top points of interest so far in 2018.

From reliable sources, ,…
Technical  SEO  from twitter
5 days ago by jhill5
Ask HN: What are some of the best technical talks you've heard? | Hacker News
Since I don't want to end with a negative note, here is a personal favorite as far as best technical talks go:
technical  talks 
6 days ago by franee
Boston Technical SEO Conference - Livestream or in person, every practitioner can benefit. Paul Sh…
SEO  Technical  from twitter
9 days ago by jhill5
B: French bowling instructors, Donkey Kong,and the Clayden Effect
Blake Andrews on the Clayden Effect – some film emulsions record excessively bright light as black. See also: Black Lightning.
photography  technical 
10 days ago by metaproof
Fili Wiese at mentions several times how your needs to be in place for another aspec…
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10 days ago by jhill5
Apple Pay為什麼還不能支援悠遊卡和一卡通原因,金管會給出獨家答案 - 瘋先生
根據金管會的回應,台灣電子票證不能直接刷捷運,主要是技術問題(捷運公司要不要跟 VISA/MasterCard 合作,支援 NFC,Apple 要不要支援台灣電子票證使用的晶片),而非主管機關核准與否。一卡通和高捷的動作比悠遊卡積極很多。
payment  technical  traffic 
16 days ago by elek
How Mercedes turned the tables on Ferrari in F1 2018 tech battle
Mercedes has gone from fighting a rearguard action against a faster Ferrari to take charge of the 2018 Formula 1 season. These technical changes have been key to that swing
f1  2018  technical  giorgio-piola  matt-somerfield  autosport 
18 days ago by gigoloaunt

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