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Why aren’t privacy groups fighting to regulate Facebook?
Who is missing from this conversation? Start with prominent digital privacy advocacy groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (where I used to work), the Center for Democracy and Technology, and the Open Technology Institute (where I once interned) at New America, which have long lobbied against government surveillance like the kind exposed by the Edward Snowden leaks several years ago. I asked each of them if they have campaigns related to Facebook, or have proposals for any kind of legislation that would address the ways Facebook and other companies surveil and monetize your every move.
29 days ago by zryb
Code Is Not Speech
“Code Is Speech” is one of many articles of faith that make up the cypherpunk and/or crypto-anarchist creed. ...

This is how many advocates appear to understand the principle (e.g., the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Executive Director in Time, EFF on its own blog, and a prominent “digital rights” activist/computer scientist). When I refer to “code is speech” in what follows, this is what I mean. By writing “code is not speech” I don’t mean to imply, as I make clear below, that code never has any speech-like features or should never be seen in that context by courts; I mean only that the above proposition is far more wrong than it is right.
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29 days ago by zryb

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