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Legends of the Ancient Web
Argues that the history of radio parallels the internet.
techculture  history  politics 
13 hours ago by seanstern
Getting free of toxic tech culture
Marginalized people leave tech jobs in droves, yet we rarely write or talk publicly about the emotional and mental process of deciding to leave tech.

Toxic tech cultures are those that demean and devalue you as holistic, multifaceted human beings. Toxic tech cultures are those that prioritize profits and growth over human and societal well being. Toxic tech cultures are those that treat you as replaceable cogs within a system of constant churn and burnout.

Step 1: Deprogram yourself from the cult of tech.
a. Recognize your unconscious beliefs.
b. Experiment with your self-identity.
c. Avoid unsupportive people.
d. Make friendships that don’t depend on tech.

Step 2: Make room for a career change.
a. Find a career counselor.
b. Improve your financial situation.
c. Take stock of your transferrable skills.
d. Think carefully before signing up for new education.
e. Recognize there are many different paths in tech.

Step 3: Take care of yourself.
a. Prioritize self-care.
b. Learn to say no and enforce boundaries.
c. Care for your mental health.
d. Process your grief.

Step 4: Give yourself time.
culture  techculture  toxicculture  marginalization 
3 days ago by drmeme
So Close. – Hacker Noon
From the pride in his overworked employees to the belief that high-end consumer products provide a pathway to joy to the casual mention of integrated, seamless data collection, everything about this article borders on self-parody. Juicero 2.0?
techculture  capitalism 
21 days ago by seanstern
Who benefits from the push to teach all kids to code?
Article that takes a critical approach to the CS for All movement. Not sure I agree with claim that it's ALL about money and generating new consumers. There's probably a bigger role of implicit bias. That is, it's probably being done because folks believe software development and silicon valley culture will genuinely benefit marginalized communities. This makes it easy to forget to ask hard questions about harms and seek input from said communities.
techculture  schoolculture  CSforAll  inequality  teaching 
22 days ago by seanstern
Are Algorithms Building the New Infrastructure of Racism? - Issue 55: Trust - Nautilus
Investigation of how implicit bias in engineers and data sources can further cement racism, sexism, and other forms of inequity in society. Analogizes Robert Moses's infrastructure plans and its effects on marginalized groups to tech infrastructure now.
america  history  techculture  racism 
22 days ago by seanstern
Engine Failure
Thoughts from researchers on privacy, bias, and deep systemic flaws of making ever tech product a platform that treats consumers as products.
google  algorithmic-curation  bias  facebook  techculture  capitalism  from twitter
4 weeks ago by seanstern
Facebook Founder: ‘God Only Knows What It’s Doing to Our Children’s Brains’ - The Daily Beast
Sean Parker, the founding president of Facebook, said the social-media platform functions by “exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology.” At an event in Philadelphia on Wednesday night, the erstwhile 38-year-old Napster inventor told Axios, “It probably interferes with productivity in weird ways. God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.” Parker said he now understands that a site as popular as Facebook “literally changes your relationship with society, with each other... The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them... was all about: ‘How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?’”
techculture  social 
9 weeks ago by zryb

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