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Why There Will Never Be Another RedHat: The Economics Of Open Source | TechCrunch
Open source software powers the world’s technology. In the past decade, there has been an inexorable adoption of open source in most aspects of computing. Without open source, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and nearly every other modern technology company would not exist. Thanks to an amazing community of innovative, top-notch programmers, open source has become the foundation of cloud computing, software-as-a-service, next generation databases, mobile devices, the consumer internet, and even Bitcoin.
RedHat  TechCrunch 
4 days ago by GameGamer43
What makes Apple’s design culture so special | TechCrunch
A few days ago, I interviewed Ken Kocienda at TechCrunch Disrupt SF — he just released a book called Creative Selection. After working at Apple during some of the company’s best years, Kocienda looks back at what makes Apple such a special place.
Apple  Ken  Kocienda  TechCrunch  videos  entrevistes  interviews 
8 weeks ago by jaumeb
Demystifying the concept of ‘attribution’ in digital marketing | TechCrunch
Good example explaining "contribution to conversion" along lines of sporting goal assists - reasonably complex but comprehensive
attribution  techcrunch  digital  marketing 
10 weeks ago by pciszewski
Google takes on Yubico and builds its own hardware security keys | TechCrunch
Google today announced it is launching its own hardware security keys for two-factor authentication. These so-called Titan Security Keys will go up against similar keys from companies like Yubico, which Google has long championed as the de facto standard for hardware-based two-factor authentication for Gmail and other services.
Google  TechCrunch 
11 weeks ago by GameGamer43
Box opens up about the company’s approach to innovation | TechCrunch
Most of us never really stop to think about how the software and services we use on a daily basis are created. We just know it’s there when we want to access it, and it works most of the time. But companies don’t just appear and expand randomly, they need a well defined process and methodology to keep innovating or they won’t be around very long.
Box  TechCrunch 
july 2018 by GameGamer43

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