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What Happened When Three Tech Bros Decided to Sell Makeup - Racked
What Happened When Three Tech Bros Decided To Sell Makeup via Digg “If Snapchat and HSN had a love child,” Hush would be the result.
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8 hours ago by joeo10
Who Killed the Smart Gun? - Motherboard
Who Killed The Smart Gun? via Digg Is the murkiness of terms preventing the smart gun from coming to reality, or is it that we just haven't seen the tech work yet?
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9 hours ago by joeo10
How iTunes built, and then broke, my meticulous music-listening system - The Verge
How iTunes built, and then broke, my meticulous music-listening system via Digg It's an app that does way too much, and yet each function is so important to Apple that the company seemingly cannot imagine it doing less. And so each year it does more.
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10 hours ago by joeo10
Google + Howard
Google partners with Howard University in a diversity initiative
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12 hours ago by nelson
The Best iPhone Screen Protectors | The Wirecutter
The Best iPhone Screen Protectors A glass screen protector can’t guarantee that you won’t break your iPhone’s screen. But it can prevent the screen from getting scratched, and scratches can affect glass’s structural integrity and make cracks more likely.
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12 hours ago by wisteriacs

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