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Ecobee4 review: a thermostat with Alexa built in - The Verge
Talking to my thermostat feels like the future, but the present isn’t ready via Digg For the past few months, I’ve been talking to the thermostat mounted on my wall. And, oddly enough, for the past few months, the thermostat on my wall has been talking back to me.
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yesterday by joeo10
Lessons from my first year of live coding on Twitch
> I gave streaming a go for the first time last July. Instead of gaming, which the majority of streamers on Twitch do, I wanted to stream the open source work I do in my personal time. I work on NodeJS hardware libraries a fair bit (most of them my own). Given that I was already in a niche on Twitch, why not be in an even smaller niche, like JavaScript powered hardware ;)
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yesterday by jefftriplett
Good for People of Color
A growing list of companies providing inclusive and safe work environments for people of color in STEAM industries.
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yesterday by lgarron
Project Jacquard: the Levi’s jacket with a smart sleeve is finally going on sale - The Verge
This Levi’s jacket with a smart sleeve is finally going on sale for $350 via Digg I’ve been wearing this Levi’s Commuter Trucker jacket for a few days now and it’s very nice — it fits well and looks great. And by swiping or tapping the fabric on the left cuff, I have been able to control my smartphone. Whether those things add up to a $350 value — the price of this jacket — is entirely a different question.
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yesterday by joeo10
How Karaoke Secretly Became a Major Driver of Innovation - Motherboard
How Karaoke Secretly Became a Major Driver of Innovation via Digg From 8-track to Laserdisc to CD+G to ISDN lines to YouTube, a bunch of different technologies have made karaoke possible. (Alcohol helps, too.)
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yesterday by joeo10
Gogoro is betting that the future of transportation is in sharing batteries, not vehicles — Quartz
In the future, some transportation experts say, vehicles will no longer be individually owned. via Pocket
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yesterday by fahrradio

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