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8 hours ago by mgifford
No screens, no devices. Just ordinary physical materials —
paper and clay, tokens and toy cars — brought to life by
technology in the ceiling.

Every scrap of paper has the capabilities of a full computer,
while remaining a fully-functional scrap of paper.
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9 hours ago by metafeather
The Flourishing Business of Fake YouTube Views - The New York Times
Still, the challenges are significant. At one point in 2013, YouTube had as much traffic from bots masquerading as people as it did from real human visitors, according to the company. Some employees feared this would cause the fraud detection system to flip, classifying fake traffic as real and vice versa — a prospect engineers called “the Inversion.”
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10 hours ago by max_read
The Tech Industry’s Psychological War on Kids – Richard Freed – Medium
The tech industry’s powerful psychological mind manipulation tools are hijacking kids’ minds and hooking them to social media, video games, and phones.
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12 hours ago by xer0x
3 Free Black-and-White Adobe Lightroom Presets for Your Photos
3 Free Black-and-White Adobe Lightroom Presets for Your Photos August 21, 2018 at 05:56AM

Presets are the smart photographer’s backdoor for retouching hundreds of photos with a single click. Adobe Lightroom CC (and Adobe Lightroom Classic CC) has its own default set of presets, including several for pleasing black and white photography.

But you can extend your collection with free presets made by other photographers too. Use one of these free black-and-white presets for Adobe Lightroom to create a fantastic black-and-white photo from any color photo.

Swiss photographer and a Fujifilm ambassador Samuel Zeller created this 12 preset pack specifically for Fujifilm cameras. But it works for any other camera brand and photo that you bring into Adobe Lightroom. The 12-pack includes two black and white presets.

BW Soft: Gives a hazy soft look to portraits.

BW Noir: Gives a very punchy black and white look to well-contrasted images.

The presets are free though you can pay what you want if you like them.

This Lightroom preset is just what it sounds like. Run the preset on a color photo and you get a cool monochrome finish with a subtle bleached out look. The preset can save you the manual labor of split-toning a photo for a similar effect.

You have to subscribe to Nicole S. Young’s newsletter. Then you can access her free downloads section where this preset is available for free download along with several others.

HDR and landscape photos go well together. But if the light isn’t on your side then you can turn color landscape photos into beautiful black and white ones. Loaded Landscape is a site for the outdoor photographers and they have a bunch of presets you can choose from. This  HDR black and white preset can add some dynamic contrast to your landscape photos.

Adobe Lightroom presets are not only shortcuts. They also help you give your images a consistent look. If you prefer your own editing workflow, you can easily create your own custom preset

How to Create Your Own Custom Lightroom Presets

How to Create Your Own Custom Lightroom Presets
By creating custom presets in Adobe Lightroom, you can cut down on your photo editing time in a significant way.
Read More

out of it and offer it to others for free.

Image Credit: pe3check/Depositphotos

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17 hours ago by leconeyc
Ethical OS Toolkit
A guide to anticipating the future impact of today's technology or: how not to regret the things you will build.
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20 hours ago by Jolantis

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