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The New Inquiry
Space for discussion that aspires to enrich cultural and public life by putting all available resources—both digital and material—toward the promotion and exploration of ideas.
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10 hours ago by hanyu
Sponsor for Cybernetics conference.
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10 hours ago by hanyu
Glitch Textiles
Our textiles render the subtle structures of our digital reality into intimate, tactile materials.
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11 hours ago by hanyu
All The Questions Tesla Has To Answer Now
So, check the timestamp and write it down: If the Y, the semi, the Roadster are in production by 2020, and the Model 3 reservation list is whittled down, I’ll eat my shoe. And yours.
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11 hours ago by sandykoe
Jurvetson's disgrace
Big name VC pushed out of his firm for various social and sexual transgressions
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15 hours ago by nelson
Bob Lutz: Kiss the good times goodbye
So interesting.

“The tipping point will come when 20 to 30 percent of vehicles are fully autonomous. Countries will look at the accident statistics and figure out that human drivers are causing 99.9 percent of the accidents.

Of course, there will be a transition period. Everyone will have five years to get their car off the road or sell it for scrap or trade it on a module.”
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19 hours ago by alexpriest
RT : is teaming up with to make flying taxi service available by 2020!

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21 hours ago by TomRaftery

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