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No Assistant? No Problem. Using a Virtual Receptionist — Katie Floyd
I just starred No Assistant? No Problem. Using a Virtual Receptionist on Inoreader
14 hours ago by SEverson
Argument cultures and unregulated aggression
In other words, their studies show that people are bad at using logic to make decisions not because of interruption by emotion, but because of the way we're fundamentally wired. Regardless of gender.
gender  culture  debate  engineering  tech 
19 hours ago by jpstacey
Alchemy | Open Source Image-to-PDF Converter
Alchemy is an open-source image to PDF converter built with web technology. Images to PDF made easy.
application  conversion  productivity  tech  images  merge  convert 
19 hours ago by ldom
Gorillaz's 'Feel Good Inc' Played Out On A Series Of Hard Drives And Floppy Disks - Digg
Gorillaz's 'Feel Good Inc' Played Out On A Series Of Hard Drives And Floppy Disks via Digg There's something so right about this that we're wondering if this is how the song was truly meant to be played.
IFTTT  Digg  tech  technology 
20 hours ago by joeo10
Meet the Nerds Coding Their Way Through the War in Afghanistan | WIRED
Meet The Nerds Coding Their Way Through The Afghanistan War via Digg The mission of the Defense Digital Service's mission to Afghanistan? Fix the tech.
IFTTT  Digg  tech  technology 
yesterday by joeo10

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