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The techlash has come to Stanford.
"Imagine Facebook is trying to steal your data..." Not a hypothetical.
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9 days ago by pb
Why I (Still) Love Tech: In Defense of a Difficult Industry | WIRED
"Sometimes I’m proud, although just as often I’m ashamed. I am proudshamed."
may 2019 by pb
“Privacy Rights and Data Collection in a Digital Economy (PDF)
"That is the idea that there exists a sphere of life that should remain outside public scrutiny, in which we can be sure that our words, actions, thoughts and feelings are not being indelibly recorded. This includes not only intimate spaces like the home, but also the many semi-private places where people gather and engage with one another in the common activities of daily life—the workplace, church, club or union hall. As these interactions move online, our privacy in this deeper sense withers away."
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may 2019 by pb

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