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Managing passwords in teams with Gopass - codecentric AG Blog
Gopass is a simple password and secret manager for individuals and software development teams. This article explains how to use it.
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1 hour ago by gilberto5757
Worry Stones
When the local political leader injects an obligatory, unspecified ceremony into the schedule, John believes that a certain level of concern is warranted.
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yesterday by popkin16
Worry Stones - by escriveine
People from the village are arriving now, but no one else comes up to the table. John touches a few of the rocks, surprised at how different even the smooth-looking ones feel. One’s almost slick despite being perfectly dry, while another is covered in nearly invisible bursts of texture like ridges of unmelting frost.

There’s this one, though, that John finds really appealing, a dark green and brown rock bigger than his fist, its irregular shape a series of contours that somehow flow from one to the other, as if all the water that splashed and swirled over its edges imbued the stone with its own essential nature, transforming rather than abrading. For all that, it’s still definitely a rock, resting with a solid, comfortable weight in his hand.

Ronon’s holding up a stone that looks like a small, flattened ball of sandy dough until it catches the light. Then it throws off these tiny, flicker-fast gleams too fleeting to focus on individually, but together they create a composite impression of brilliance. Ronon looks amazed, like he didn’t know rocks could sparkle, and when he laughs, he’s dappled with reflected sun.

Rodney is busily engaged, mumbling to himself like he does when conducting an experiment back in his lab. Each specimen gets picked up and methodically examined like it’s a marvel or maybe holds the key to an age-old mystery. If anyone could unlock the secrets of the universe with a river rock, it’d be Rodney. He’s clearly in his happy place, focussed on finding the answer to a question only he knows. When he grins up at John, waggling an orangey oblong rock held in the fingertips of one hand, Rodney looks positively mischievous for no obvious reason. John grins back, waving the greeny-brown one he’s still holding, and that thing in John’s chest finally eases up a little.
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yesterday by runpunkrun
The advanced business voice application
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2 days ago by kpieper876
Teamweek: Free Visual Resource Planning, Team Calendar
Easy to set up and a joy to use. Teamweek helps you plan ahead and share schedules with everyone who needs to know.
service  team  collaboration  calendar 
4 days ago by junya
drama queens
No one knows why, but suddenly Rodney McKay has become like catnip for the Wraith queens.
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5 days ago by popkin16

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