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Roses In December - Chapter 1 - ivorygates - Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
The year President Hayes takes office for the second time, SG-1 goes to P3X-439 and Jack takes a second download of the Ancient database. Then he saves the Earth, but there's no one to save him. He's asleep beneath the Antarctic ice, and has been for the last sixteen months.

July. General Landry calls the three of them into his office. There's a man standing there—young, fresh-faced, blue-eyed, Dress Blues and full military brace. Looking nervous.
"SG-1, this is Colonel Cameron Mitchell. I believe some of you already know him," Landry adds. "He's joining SG-1."
fic  au  genderswap  sg1  danieljackson  cameronmitchell  tealc  samanthacarter  author:ivorygates 
december 2015 by flakeofemerald
EAD – Crossover: Protecting Home – Chapters 1-4 | Jilly James
Tony and Jack return from Peru, ready to start their new life, but someone is still after Tony, and strange things keep happening. NOTE This is an Evil Author's Day posting. NOT part of the final version when the author is done.
NCIS  Crossover:StargateSG-1  Crossover:TheSentinal  TonyDiNozzo  Guide!Tony  Sentinal/Guide!Fic  Sentinal&GuideRelationship  DanielJackson  SamCarter  OMCBasedonJeremyRennier  hurt!tony  Shaman!Tony  AU  WIP  BAMF!Tony  Sentinal!JackONeill  Guide!SamCarter  Author:Jilly  JackONeill  Tealc 
march 2015 by kliqzangel
The Dragon King's Temple by Kryal
"The spite of the spirits opened a door better left untouched. On the other hand, with Fire and Earth as one's allies, sometimes escaping is the easy part." This didn't really wrap up as many plot threads as I hoped it would, but it's a very engaging, action-y crossover.
fic  gen  crossover  a:tla  sg-1  au  samcarter  janetfrasier  jackoneill  danieljackson  tealc  zuko  toph  aang  sokka  katara  suki 
september 2013 by yasaman
T is for Teal'c
What Vala and Teal'c do for fun when the rest of SG-1 is not around
author:ziparumpazoo  sg1  gen  genre:fluff  genre:friendship  rating:pg  length:<5k  tealc  vala_mal_doran 
september 2011 by somehowunbroken
The Pegasus Connection by Nomad (nomadicwriter)
Conspiracy surrounds Jack's clone, Baal is on the trail of Ancient technology, and all roads seem to lead to Atlantis. SGA crossover.
fic  gen  sg-1  sga  jackoneill  samcarter  danieljackson  tealc  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  teyla  ford  au 
september 2011 by yasaman
Walked Right Out Of The Machinery by rydra_wong
Does it bother you?" Daniel says from behind him, in that oh-so-casual tone that means he thinks he's got something. "I mean, that we've been talking in Goa'uld for the past ten minutes."

Oh, Jack. AU after The Abyss.
gen  fic  au  sg-1  jackoneill  samcarter  tealc  danieljackson 
september 2011 by yasaman
If All Else Fails by enigmatic_blue
Technically, it’s known as Operation Phoenix, but that’s a little too optimistic for Jack, who calls it the WAFGON plan: We’re All Fucked; Get Out Now.
fic  gen  sga  sg-1  johnsheppard  rodneymckay  elizabethweir  samcarter  danieljackson  cameronmitchell  tealc  jackoneill  teyla  ronon  lorne 
september 2011 by yasaman
How Cameron Mitchell Didn't Sleep with his Team (Despite All Efforts to the Contrary) - Welfycat
Cam is only starting to understand what it means to be part of the Stargate Program, and sometimes he's not sure it's where he wants to be anymore. Fortunately, he has his team to help him through the rough times. Or to torment him until he snaps out of it, whatever comes first. (also: see title)
sg1  het  slash  cameron.mitchell  tealc  sam.carter  vala.maldoran  jonas.quinn  daniel.jackson  author:welfycat 
june 2011 by infinimato
Branching Out - mhalachaiswords
Jennifer Jareau's first day as liaison for the Department of Defense really wasn't what she expected.
sg1  crossover  jack.oneill  sam.carter  tealc  daniel.jackson  jj.jareau  gen  undefined  author:mhalachaiswords  criminal.minds 
may 2011 by infinimato
What's in a Name - tallulah-rasa
Hardly anyone knows where Mozzie’s from, or what his real name is, or that he once developed a show for cable TV.  A few people do.

sg1  white.collar  crossover  jack.oneill  neal.caffrey  mozzie  tealc  gen  humor  author:tallulah_rasa 
may 2011 by infinimato
dsudis: Stargate SG-1 Fic: The First Cut Is the Deepest
Because. Yes. Obviously there needed to be fic about the first time Teal'c gets a paper cut.

Thanks to [personal profile] iulia for beta, and not forbidding me to use this title.

Team gen. Season 1. 950 words.
Warning: Graphic depiction of paper cuts.

The Tau'ri's paper was as unexpectedly dangerous as they were themselves. Teal'c raised his eyebrows, impressed.
crack  hee!  sg1  tealc  gen  good  short  character  dira 
april 2011 by Teogli
A Pond With No Fish
This AU story begins between Threads and Moebius in Season 8 of Stargate SG1 based on the premise that in a reality somewhere SG1 didn't accept the fish being in the pond (last scene of Moebius) and corrected the timeline. Hence this is a universe where Jack's pond remains fishless and obviously has implications for the way events post-Season 8 evolve. The main pairing is Jack/Sam and their relationship does form a major theme.
sg1  jack.oneill/sam.carter  jack.oneill  sam.carter  tealc  daniel.jackson  george.hammond  long  author:rachel500 
april 2011 by infinimato

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