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Are you grading student papers on a 9.7" iPad? Please share your methods! : ipad
Thanks! I'm very happy with it. I'm grading a process writing assignment this weekend where the students have improved a draft that I commented on using this system, and the results are very noticeable. Student surveys also point to this being a very good thing.
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2 hours ago by craniac
Cell Signaling
A recent exciting discovery in plants is that ATP is released into the extracellular matrix where it plays a major role in regulating growth and development. Extracellular ATP (eATP) has been confirmed to act as a hormone in animal cells, where it rapidly induces an increase in cytoplasmic calcium levels, a change that commonly leads to the activation of signaling pathways that greatly influence cell activities in both plants and animals. There is a biphasic growth response to applied ATP in growing plant cells and tissues suggesting that eATP functions like a hormone in plants as it does in animals. Students in this CURE carry out novel experiments on how eATP controls plant growth. They learn methods of experimental design, data gathering, data interpretation, and data presentation, and they learn principles of stimulus-response coupling that apply equally well to animals and plants. Students use the model plant, Arabidopsis. They to do their experiments on extracellular ATP signaling in root hairs, an agriculturally important model system for studying plant growth. Specifically, this CURE addresses the question of what are the early signaling steps that mediate the effects of eATP on the polarized growth of single-celled root hairs, structures that are crucial for plants' absorption of water and nutrients from the soil. Their experiments constitute a novel test of the signaling steps required for eATP-mediated changes in root hair growth.
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6 hours ago by casfindad
Daphne Keller on Twitter: "This announcement from @jack about decentralized content moderation and ranking is exciting! 1/… "
Great thread.

See Alex Stomos remark that this may not solve the speech problem since that's caused more by human nature than algorithms.

100j 100a
7 hours ago by scritic
Anthro Curriculum
#anthropology students + teachers: if you could design an anthropology BA for the 21st century, what would it look like? What kinds of requirements and curriculum? 4-field?
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19 hours ago by shannon_mattern
Reimagining the Grading Contract to “Ungrade” with Prof. Eidum | HASTAC
Collected resources on reimagining the grading contract to move towards “ungrading.”
yesterday by rybesh
Facebook’s ad tools subsidize partisanship, research shows. And campaigns may not even know it.
Honestly, I can't tell what's interesting here save for the fact that the authors have now documented through a study what political strategists have known all along: FB ads are good for recruiting believers into the campaign.

And here we go again about filter bubbles; was it really true that before social media campaigns tried to appeal to everyone individually?
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yesterday by scritic

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