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Teaching as Activism: The Educational Intervention Project as a Tool of Transformation — Cultural Anthropology
New kinds of teaching assignments: a public education campaign; or taking a whole host of data (like townhall meetings) and making it legible. Try some of these out in your classes.
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The Network Structure of Opioid Distribution on a Darknet Cryptomarket | SpringerLink

The current study is the first to examine the network structure of an encrypted online drug distribution network. It examines (1) the global network structure, (2) the local network structure, and (3) identifies those vendor characteristics that best explain variation in the network structure. In doing so, it evaluates the role of trust in online drug markets.

The study draws on a unique dataset of transaction level data from an encrypted online drug market. Structural measures and community detection analysis are used to characterize and investigate the network structure. Exponential random graph modeling is used to evaluate which vendor characteristics explain variation in purchasing patterns.

Vendors’ trustworthiness explains more variation in the overall network structure than the affordability of vendor products or the diversity of vendor product listings. This results in a highly localized network structure with a few key vendors accounting for most transactions.

The results indicate that vendors’ trustworthiness is a better predictor of vendor selection than product diversity or affordability. These results illuminate the internal market dynamics that sustain digital drug markets and highlight the importance of examining how new anonymizing technologies shape global drug distribution networks.
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Interactive Teaching Techniques
These techniques have multiple benefits: the instructor can easily and quickly
assess if students have really mastered the material (and plan to dedicate more
time to it, if necessary), and the process of measuring student understanding in
many cases is also practice for the material—often students do not actually learn
the material until asked to make use of it in assessments such as these. Finally,
the very nature of these assessments drives interactivity and brings several
benefits. Students are revived from their passivity of merely listening to a lecture
and instead become attentive and engaged, two prerequisites for effective
learning. These techniques are often perceived as “fun”, yet they are frequently
more effective than lectures at enabling student learning.
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A Framework for Teaching American Slavery
Most students leave high school without an adequate understanding of the role slavery played in the development of the United States—or how its legacies still influence us today. In an effort to remedy this, we developed a comprehensive guide for teaching and learning this critical topic at the middle and high school levels. (Scroll down to see the outline of the framework or to download the full document.)
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- LAO 1(3) Socrates on Technology
Socrates' concern is that books allow teachers to communicate with students without being personally present. Because a book says the same thing over and over to all readers, Socrates believes, it teaches no one -- it cannot engage each reader or learner as an individual. The book was therefore devastating to Socratic education.
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