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How to Improve Your Productivity as a Working Programmer –
I like how the author uses a scientific method to improve himself. I’ve thought about recording my programming sessions as well. I also try to group my meetings together to free up contiguous focus time.

Here’s some concrete evidence that TDD works.

One incredibly useful exercise I’ve found is to watch myself program. Throughout the week, I have a program running in the background that records my screen. At the end of the week, I’ll watch a few segments from the previous week. Usually I will watch the times that felt like it took a lot longer to complete some task than it should have. While watching them, I’ll pay attention to specifically where the time went and figure out what I could have done better. When I first did this, I was really surprised at where all of my time was going.

For example, previously when writing code, I would write all my code for a new feature up front and then test all of the code collectively. When testing code this way, I would have to isolate which function the bug was in and then debug that individual function. After watching a recording of myself writing code, I realized I was spending about a quarter of the total time implementing the feature tracking down which functions the bugs were in! This was completely non-obvious to me and I wouldn’t have found it out without recording myself. Now that I’m aware that I spent so much time isolating which function a bugs are in, I now test each function as I write it to make sure they work. This allows me to write code a lot faster as it dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to debug my code.
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Crafted Design on Vimeo
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Test-Driven Development for Embedded C by James W. Grenning | The Pragmatic Bookshelf
Test-Driven Development for Embedded C
by James W. Grenning

Still chasing bugs and watching your code deteriorate? Think TDD is only for desktop or web apps? It’s not: TDD is for you, the embedded C programmer. TDD helps you prevent defects and build software with a long useful life. This is the first book to teach the hows and whys of TDD for C programmers.
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TDD for AWS Lambda with Serverless framework and Jest | Kalin Chernev
TDD for AWS Lambda with Serverless framework and Jest - Added December 15, 2017 at 11:34AM
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Testing Rails Applications — Ruby on Rails Guides
Rails makes it super easy to write your tests. It starts by producing skeleton test code while you are creating your models and controllers. By simply running your Rails tests you can ensure your code adheres to the desired functionality even after some major code refactoring. via Pocket
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