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TDD is dead. Long live testing. | DHH
“Test-first fundamentalism is like abstinence-only sex ed: An unrealistic, ineffective morality campaign for self-loathing and shaming.”
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7 days ago by mr
Stop shipping untested Ruby code with undercover – [:] futureDev – Medium
Ruby is a productive and fun to work with environment with lots of useful tools and products for managing software quality. Today, I am excited to share one of my recent ideas in that space…
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7 days ago by danhorst
The Error of Our Ways
"We shape our algorithms and afterwards our algorithms shape us."
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8 days ago by egrajeda
BDD Kickstart, San Francisco 2018·Cucumber
RT : Final opportunity to grab your ticket to our BDD Kickstart course in SF next week w/ .
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8 days ago by tooky
Writing Unit Tests With Spock Framework: Creating a Gradle Project
The Groovy plugin extends the project layout of the Java plugin by adding the Groovy related directories into our Gradle build
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8 days ago by jslu
[Semaphore] Stubbing and Mocking in Java with the Spock Testing Framework
Spock was created to cover the full testing lifecycle of a Java Enterprise application. The existing tools have a long history and come with several legacy features that cannot always keep up with newer testing practices. The most evident example of this is the fact that JUnit covers only plain unit testing and nothing else. If you need to mock some services or wish to employ Behavior-driven development, JUnit is simply not enough. You are forced to add more testing frameworks into the mix, each one with its own idiosyncrasies and issues.
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8 days ago by jslu

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